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Praying For Just One More Tomorrow: A Poem

Updated on March 16, 2015
The dawn of a new day.
The dawn of a new day. | Source
An old lady prays for just one more tomorrow.
An old lady prays for just one more tomorrow. | Source
Ground Orchids
Ground Orchids | Source
A Texas Sheet Cake I like to make.
A Texas Sheet Cake I like to make. | Source

The wrinkled old woman lay in the Hospital bed,
In the dark, she started thinking about her life,
She was thinking of all the times she had said:
Tomorrow is another day, I’ll do it then.

Tomorrow, I’ll write that letter of apology
To my old friend whose feelings I know I hurt,
I’ll call my daughter because it’s been a long time,
And ask how many children she has.

Tomorrow, I’ll get out and weed the garden
Maybe put in some pretty flowers,
While I’m out there, I’ll speak to my neighbor,
I haven’t talked to her in a very long time.

Tomorrow, I’ll go over and visit the shut-in next door,
I’ll offer to help her with some chores around her house,
I’ve really been meaning to do that,
Just haven’t found the time, I guess.

Tomorrow, I’m going to pick up those unfinished baby booties,
The ones I started to knit for a Granddaughter months ago,
I’ll have to guess at the size; she may be too big for these now,
While I’m at it, I’ll finish the colorful afghan for my sofa,

Tomorrow, I’ll get in my messy kitchen,
And bake that cake I’ve been meaning to try,
I'd really like to share it with my family,
If I can get them to come over for coffee and cake.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll start that diet,
The one everyone is talking about,
I think I start using face creams, too
I’ll try to dress a little nicer and not be so sloppy.

Tomorrow, I might go into town and see a movie show,
That would be so relaxing; they tell me they’re in color now,
I’ve been meaning to try out that machine my son gave me,
So I can record the shows on TV I'd like to see.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get out my paper and pen,
And write a letter to someone; maybe they’ll write me back,
I’ll try and find that big piece of canvas I bought,
And paint something, because I was once told I had talent.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll start cooking again,
I used to cook, but I had family way back then,
Think I’ll go shopping, and cook a nice dinner,
I’ll bet my family would come if I just asked them.

Tomorrow, I’m going to read one of the new books I bought,
And maybe work some crossword puzzles, too,
They say that’s good for the brain, and I need that,
It's hard to read with these half blind old eyes, but I'll try.

Tomorrow, I’m going to pray more and be more thankful,
Do you think God will remember me?
I was told once that I was a good writer,
I’ll start that novel that was going to be a best seller.

Tomorrow, I’ll sit down at the old piano,
Wonder if I can still play?
It’ll be hard to read music now,
I might can if I wear the new glasses still in their case.

Tomorrow, I’ll go and visit the cemetery where you are,
And tell you how very sorry I am,
For never telling you how much I really loved you,
And asking your forgiveness for being too proud.

She lay there dreaming about tomorrow,
About how she would do things differently,
She knew she’d need help from Above,
If she was to get out of this bed.

So, she began to pray sincerely,
Oh, God, please just give me one more tomorrow, and I will do it then.



“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday, and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”

Dalai Lama

Do you find yourself praying for just one more Tomorrow?

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© 2015 Mary Hyatt


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