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Pregnancy scares

Updated on November 9, 2015

I had never had such a roller coaster of emotions in one day.from abject fear and horror first thing,to total elation towards the end of the night.wouldn't want to live too many days like that one.

Heart stopping

This day I remember,it was a day I did dread

thought going to hospital,to find out my baby was dead.

my wife rushed to hospital,in terrible pain

i was sure the day would end without any gain.

i entered the ward,tears on my wife's face

i tried to keep smiling,while my heart did race.

i asked how it went,she looked so relieved

now having twins,too good to be believed.

i thought I was losing one baby that day

instead I gained another,I was elated needless to say.

They're grown up now,17 years old

cheeky,brash and even a tad bold.

they are amazing,surprising,infuriating and crazy

i don't remember the bad times,at best they are hazy.

i remember as babies,so very demanding

i loved every minute,just takes careful handling.

i now have five girls,they're as different as can be

they rely on me so much,makes me get up every day.

i would do anything in life,so they didn't suffer any pain

id walk to the ends of the earth,even if I had nothing to gain.

they are my all,they're my everything

some days they make you mad,others you sing.

if I had the choice on how to live my life again

i wouldn't change a thing,they keep me sane.


Growing up.

every day I watch them grow

how they end up,only time will show

maybe a lawyer,doctor,or a chef

rollercoaster of a life

leaves you short of breath.

whatever road they decide to go

i will always be proud of them,this I know.

Fun and games.

after initially thinking my wife was having a miscarriage,the twins have grown a lot since then.i loved watching them grow up.i used to be amazed at Megan being sick one day in the hospital,I was then called by my wife to say Rebekah has suddenly feeling unwell.maybe there's truth in the phenomenon of twin telepathy.all I know is,ive seen this occur many times over the years,it never ceases to amaze me.

Who's the sneakiness?

While the twins grew up,they went through many changes and phases.megan was always the cheekier of the two.we caught her being a bit naughty one day,she didn't know we were watching her.she decided to pass the blame on to her sister Rebekah.poor Rebekah was initially a bit wary of Megan,so she quite often took the blame.but not on this day,Megan was caught hook line and sinker.Grounded for a day for her troubles.

18 now.

once born ,the initial drama was over.we could finally relax a bit.the milestone of 18 years old looked a far away dream in the early days of their journey in to the world.thank fully now they are all the women they will ever be.they're amazing,beautiful and individual as can be.i think we done a good job.they're very level headed and clever.both at college and working.not a bad result from the initial drama.

Up and down.

sneaky,cheeky,devious and a bit mad

twins growing up,life was never sad.

constant drama,laughter and tears

sometimes realising our worst ever fears.

bonkers,mental,funny and insane

that's your future,joining the twins game.

never dull,boring or sad

life's never dull,with tinges of mad.


i wonder often the journey the will take,

what relationships they will inevitably make

will they marry ,have kids, live overseas

will they live in Scotland,only the future sees.

Only time will tell,I hope the fair good

how many kids will be in their brood

being a grandad, scares me to death

think of the pressure,leaves me out of breath.

All the way.

one things for sure,ive been there for eighteen years.i plan to be there for many years to come.its been a blast so far,I cannot wait to see what their future will bring.i will be there for advice,a shoulder to cry on,a chauffeur when they need lifts,a chef when they're hungry.a bank when they need cash.all part of the luckiest job in the world,being a Dad.

All accounted for.


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