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Presenting the Exemplary Author Michael Forester

Updated on July 22, 2017
The Goblin Child and other stories: entire book cover.
The Goblin Child and other stories: entire book cover. | Source

The Goblin Child and other stories (2016)

Michael Forester is a prolific contemporary poet and author. He has proven via the book The Goblin Child and other stories that even short stories are a beautiful form of word art; constructively carefully woven together to gift an enjoyable reading experience where the reader is transported to another realm, time or place. This book is fun to read, and The Goblin Child reminds the reader how delightful as well as insightful short stories truly are.

The shorts in The Goblin Child cover some childhood stuff in an adult viewpoint. As I attentively read each short story in this book, I realized the targeted audience was for 18+. He discusses through the short stories common and extraordinary childhood and adult issues, sharing much that at first comes across as too much, but as one continues to read the stories one realizes the necessity for the over sharing. Individually, at first, the stories in The Goblin Child seemed disconnected, disjointed, a mish mash, but the more I read of the book the more I began to see how connected the stories truly were either through the characters, the subject matter or type of story. It reminded me of the short works of Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein, where their short stories actually were connected in some way and the more I read them, the more I saw how. Michael Forester has mastered this connectivity of shorts as well.

As far as genre is concerned, this reviewer would say this book is Fiction. Some would consider individually these stories in this book to be Fantasy, Drama or Science Fiction. It truly is difficult even after reading the entire book to decide which genre the entire collection solely belongs which makes these short stories wonderfully unique. This attractive collection of shorts has a little bit of everything, like a potpourri. Michael Forester definitely knew what he was doing when he placed these imaginative stories in the order given in The Goblin Child.

The Goblin Child is also the kind of book that if you are looking for a gift for the "person who has everything" then your search is over. This is work makes an excellent gift for any occasion (birthday, the Winter Holiday, New Year's, etc.). The stories within its pages are the kind that just about anyone would find fun, has mass appeal.

I highly recommend this book; kept my attention throughout! I enjoyed the variety of short stories this collection gifts. A great big thank you to Michael Forester for writing such wonderful shorts, renewing this reader's appreciation for short story plots with plenty of twists.

Enjoy the read!

5 stars for The Goblin Child and other stories
The full book cover of Dragonsong.
The full book cover of Dragonsong. | Source

Author's Audio: Michael Forester reads Dragonsong

December 2016, Alan Coote on his radio show Let's Talk Business: Author's Stories interviewed in chat-format Michael Forester about the published book Dragonsong and his career as an Author. Mr. Forester shared some of his personal writing history as well as how Dragonsong came into being, a published work, in the exquisite Fantasy genre. Michael Forester even explained why he wrote this particular work in a bard like style.

Listening to this audio was very interesting. I enjoyed how they discussed certain key things about this author, and then would have Mr. Forester read selections from his book that went with what was discussed. It was fun hearing Michael Forester expertly read selected sections from his lovely epic fantasy book written in a delightful rhythmic style that reminded me of The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer or the well known ancient saga Beowulf. Truly a delight!

If you, like me, love a good tale spun in a song or poetic format, plus like learning about authors, I believe this audio might be something you would enjoy. Audios like this are truly unique positive experiences!

Front of the book A Home For Other Gods
Front of the book A Home For Other Gods | Source
The full cover of If It Wasn't For That Dog!
The full cover of If It Wasn't For That Dog! | Source

Michael Forester's Official Author Website

Michael Forester's interesting works are available online via his author's website or Amazon. His user friendly site shares much about this author including his delightful poems that are available to read for free. This website also gifts return visitors with downloadable free short stories. If you get a chance to peruse his charming website, please do. Visiting Michael Forester's official site is a great way to get to know him as well as be exposed to some excellent contemporary poetry.

Autographed copies of his publications listed below are available upon request on his official author's website:

  1. Dragon Song (2016)
  2. If It Wasn't For That Dog! (2016)
  3. The Goblin Child and other stories (2016)
  4. Forest Rain (2017)
  5. A Home For Other Gods (2017)
  6. Light (2016)
  7. Love (2016)
  8. Peace (2016)
  9. Forest Meditation (2016)

Forest Meditation, Light, Love and Peace are also available in pdf format.

Front of the book Forest Rain
Front of the book Forest Rain | Source

Social Networking with Michael Forester

Michael Forester social interacts with others via Twitter. He is the kind that if you follow him, Mr. Forester has the tendency to follow back. If he likes what is tweeted, he re-tweets. He and I both have enjoyed re-tweeting each other's tweets. From my personal experience with him on Twitter, Michael Forester is one of the kindest followers I have as well as a top interactor! Truly wonderful!

Michael Forester is further active on Goodreads and Facebook. This modern author also has his own YouTube channel.


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