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Pretense Shuffleboard

Updated on August 1, 2017

A perfect presentation of Mrs. Manners

Dressed to impress in DVF red floor-length stunner

Brand new black Aerosoles two inch heels

Strutted into the crystal flavored ballroom

On the strength of ninja grade Nunchucks

A quarter smile plastered on with Gorilla Glue

Controlled emotion without giving away a winning hand

Bluffed the hostess into quiet illusion of security

Made them get short term amnesia after last week

Plate throwing incident with the intended target

Locked in their chair in slack jawed silence

Embarrassed their dinner companion

Dropped the disguise of politeness

No more passing of the salt or the pepper

Another meal of braised beef and roasted potatoes

Can no longer stomach pretending to be cordial

Meal not even worth $40 price tag

Hoisted the pathetically expensive plate

Dumped it over the former partner's head

And left this charade behind for good

Prepare for McDonald's and sweatpants

Now, that's a Blockbuster night.

An image of lethal beauty.
An image of lethal beauty.


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