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Prevent A Writer's Writers Block & Write More

Updated on December 26, 2013

Preventing a writer’s block

Experiencing a writer's block can make your writing boring. You can therefore make the writing interesting by preventing a writer's block. The truth is when you get more words or when you reach the point in writing where words and ideas constantly flow into your mind and you are unable to stop, it even makes the writing process fun and less boring.

One of the ways to prevent the writer’s block is to continue to encourage yourself in writing until it becomes a part of you. Encourage yourself by reading books and articles on article writing. Learn ways in making writing interesting and easy. You can also prevent the writer’s block by making your writing pad your think tool. Simply connect your thoughts to your writing skills. Let the writing pad be your chat mate. Speak to your notepad (by writing) as you would speak to a friend. Which means the publishing aspect of the writing process, can be viewed a way of just sharing your thoughts (most specifically with people who share your interest).

Draft your ideas before Titling

Writing freely helps to prevent a writer’s block. Writing becomes exciting when you are able to express yourself freely without any psychological or mental boundaries. That your mind can move freely around the frontiers of the brain exploring itself. If writing becomes a way of liberating your mind and soul, you will find joy in it every time you write. Try to express yourself freely and title them. Writing to suit a particular title sometimes can be a bit difficult. Experiencing a writer’s block will then be impossible. Allow your mind to express itself through writing. Writing down what is within you and your heart and put the appropriate titles to them for publishing. This is a much easier and interesting. You will be able to write more because you do not have to restrict or confine your thoughts within a particular title.

Write Freely and Spontaneously.

The whole writing process can become boring the less ideas you are able to write or the more difficult it becomes for you to convert your thoughts into written words. This means that having more ideas to write makes the whole writing process interesting. You can also write more if you are able to develop ideas spontaneously. As a professional writer, you should always have the skill of developing ideas or expressing your thoughts using words. This makes writing easy and interesting.

Equip yourself with the appropriate writing tools and arsenals.

You will be able to enjoy your work as a writer if you equip yourself with the appropriate tools that can help you face every writing situation or work with confidence. By appropriate writing tools, I mean vocabularies, connecting phrases, technical words etc. You can confidently call yourself a professional writer when you have these at your fingertips. This makes the writing process interesting and you are able to write more.

Work on a new topic or theme each day

Work becomes interesting when there are always new expectations and new ideas to discover.

Sometimes, doing the same thing repeatedly can be boring and stressful. Working on the same topic daily can make writing boring.The thought of writing on the same topic and theme every day can bring about a writer’s block and deprive you of words to express your thoughts. If your daily routine (writing) becomes so boring to the extent that you cannot even think about it, you cannot write because writing in many ways is just like thinking.

When a particular topic or theme becomes boring for you to think about, you are unable to come up with ideas related to that topic or theme.You can write more by working on new projects or topics daily.

After writing on a particular topic extensively and thoroughly, you might not find it interesting enough to work on the following day. You may only gain the interesting in working on them in about a day or two or even weeks after. If you want to be productive in article writing and churn out interesting ideas every day, it is necessary that you keep the inspiration and desire to write by having a new theme or topic to explore each day.

You can divide your work into different topics or draw a timetable that allows you to work on a different topic or theme each day. This will help you to focus your full attention and prowess on your individual topics each day so you can give out your best on each project or topic. So that when you wake up each working day, you can always feel a sense of joy and contentment in your heart because there is always something new to do.

Enjoying every detailed aspect of your work makes the work fun. Moreover expecting something different and different each day makes the work interesting. The more interesting the work becomes, the more productive you become in writing.

Connecting with other writers

You can write more by connecting with people who also have knowledge about your topic.

Knowing or associating with people with similar interest brings you the inspiration to write more. It also helps you to do well in the art of writing. You should connect or make friends with other writers to learn about new ways of expressing ideas and patterns of description. It is true that you should be able to subject yourself to prolonged isolation or embrace solitude to be able to contemplate and derive more ideas and philosophical truths. However, writing is a learning process and you cannot learn only by sticking to the prolonged isolation method. One of the great ways to learn and discover new ideas to write about is to connect with people.

This will not only make the writing interesting but also improve your writing skills greatly.

The solitude aspect or stage in writing should be the period that you try to pour out your thoughts or put down what you have learnt.

You can connect with people through interviews. Chat with people about your topics and ask them questions to know their thoughts and concerns about issues related to your topic of interest. This even makes writing easier and interesting. It helps you to imagine yourself talking directly to your reading audience.

Even in isolation, you will always need the image of the imaginary friend in your mind to help you in writing. Connecting with people often as part of your work grants you that opportunity. This makes writing more interesting and takes away boredom and the feeling of loneliness. The more interesting the writing gets, the more you write.

Share or write about ideas of your interest

You get to share ideas about your topic of interest. Writing is a process of writing or presenting in readable format, your thoughts. As writing is in every way connected to your thinking, you can write more words on stuff that you think about often when you have the tools to express your thoughts so well. Generally, we are able to contemplate or think deeply and more about the things that we find interest in. When you write about stuff or topics that interest you, you are sure to get more ideas on the topic to write about. You will be able to discover more philosophical truths related to the topic. As your mind is primed to think in that particular direction subconsciously, ideas keep popping up in your mind specifically related to your obsession or area of interest. When you write often, to some extent you prime your conscience and train the mind to speak in a particular language and to discover ideas in a format that is readable or decipherable by another person (reader). As you write and share about stuff that interest you, you technically get to connect with people who have similar interest. This even makes writing interesting and encourages you to write more.

Compile your published works and pick ideas from them

Save copies of all the work that you have published. You can also tap into your other unpublished drafts to derive ideas to support your current articles.This is not only to help you monitor the already published titles in order to avoid publishing them again- it is to also help you to absorb or extract ideas from them and rewrite them to fit or to be compatible with current articles. During moments when you are facing a writer’s block, you can always go back to refresh your mind with the ideas in your previous contents and deduce ideas to support current articles. [100].

Using the find tool of your writing software, find related ideas and subjects in your old drafts or already published works and extract ideas from them to support your new draft or ideas. You can quote some ideas also from old drafts and already published articles as reference or examples in your current articles. You can either quote them in your current articles, referring readers to the actual content that bears the detail of the particular idea.

Alternatively, with your writing skills you can put same ideas into new patterns of arrangement that may technically convey the same thought to reader. You can always rewrite these new ideas into advance formats using the appropriate words that you could have used previously.You will not just be able to write more, but always you get to upgrade your subsequent contents and improve your writing skill article after article.

Developing new patterns of thought

This procedure also allows you the chance to go back to your old drafts and published works. This can even prime your thoughts to generate more ideas. The more you writer, the more your knowledge about your topic of interest improves. As your knowledge improves, you can always notice the inadequacies and inaccuracies in published contents and old drafts. This naturally brings back the inspiration needed to write more advanced ideas as supplementary to the old articles. You can also ones deduce new advance contents from them. You can deduce from the old ideas advance thought patterns and new way of expression your thoughts and feelings in writing.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

Record your ideas as you write them


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