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Pride In Scars

Updated on June 4, 2017


We live in a harsh world which is defined as much by Pain as by its Joys. And while the wounds are inevitable, stand tall and learn to take Pride in the Scars that they leave.

If you do an online search of the word ‘Scar’, the results will bombard you with advertisements for “Scar removal”, “Scar Treatment”, or other ways to hide your scars. I would like to propose the notion that not only should you NOT try to hide your Scars, but to wear them proudly. Scars are NOT a sign of Failure, they are a sign of Success. A symbol of Adversity Overcome. Respect and Honor adorn the head of those who overcome adversity. A Scar is an outward symbol that you have been purified by fire and now stand before the World, Stronger and even better for the wear. “Pain for the strong is like Grace to the sinner; deep cuts take long, then heal strong- he that still stands is the Winner.” Often we are so consumed by how we think that our Scar must look, that we miss the true image that we present- people admire and are inspired by Courage and Perseverance. “Did you realize, that you are a Champion in their eyes?!” (“Champion”- Kanye West). In addition to not being a sign of Failure, Scars are NOT a sign of Weakness. They are a symbol of Strength which glow as a beacon of Hope and Inspiration to all those surrounding the bearer. The one who bears these Scars will be seen as a pillar of strength within their communities and an expert on managing difficulties. So much so, that these individuals are often looked upon for Leadership, as the best Leaders are those born of Adversity. So do NOT be ashamed of the visible marks left by Pain. Instead, hold your head high and realize that there is Pride In Scars!

Purple Heart


Scars can quite accurately be described in military terminology. Choose your own analogy- another ‘Notch in your Belt’; a ‘Medal of Honor’; you’ve ‘Earned Your Stripes’; etc... The Purple Heart is the prestigious award issued to brave soldiers for "Being wounded (or killed) in any action against an enemy (of the United States) or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces". In addition, note this fact: “The Purple Heart differs from all other decorations in that an individual is not "recommended" for the decoration; rather he or she is entitled to it (upon meeting specific criteria)”. Your Scars are a sign of your entitlement for award. You have been wounded in battle and have bravely overcome! Wear your award of Honor proudly- the Purple Heart of Life.

Some Scars are more grotesque and disfiguring than others. These Scars may create serious physical conditions which affect our abilities to function normally. But, however graphic or “unappealing” a Scar may be, in CAN NOT make someone “ugly” or a “loser”- unless they allow it to. It is impossible for someone to be a “loser” if they carry themselves with Dignity and Resolve. An individual is more admirable for their Attributes and the way that they carry themselves than for their material possessions or even successes. The Aura which one presents is a reflection of the Spirit, which outshines any and all Scars or physical “flaws”. This Aura is how people will truly see you. In “Think Like A Winner,” by Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, he writes- “The World forms its opinion of you primarily from the opinion you have of yourself.” Humans, in general, are a curious species and they always want to discover the Unknown and the Scandalous. If you are upfront and honest about your Scars people may take note, but then will quickly move on and will view you as an equal. Even more, if you are able to have fun with your Scars, they will see you as a sort of lighthearted “entertainer.” As Sinatra once said, “When you’re Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You.” You may never forget your Past, but if you live In the Moment, you can experience Pride In Scars!

The Scars that we carry tell the story of where we’ve been, but they don’t determine where we ARE or where we WILL BE. Each scar opens our eyes to a whole new world of opportunity and understanding. According to “Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process…… although Scars cannot be completely removed, their appearance can be improved.” And since Scars only appear if the wound is healing, it is critical to ALLOW your wounds to heal. Let go of the pains and sorrows of your Past, find a way to stop the bleeding, and begin to truly live again. In the end, he with the most Scars wins- or at least has the best stories. So...Live in Today and for Tomorrow- bask in Joy, ignore the Sorrow!

*An adversity overcome by 1 person can affect the lives of many. So, the Reason for Pain in Life just may be the Scars which it leaves! There is Pride in Scars!

"When you're smiling...."


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    • aim4strz profile image

      Daniel Austhof 3 years ago from West Michigan

      Wow! You have definitely been through a lot, and I'm glad to see that you are in a good enough place today to read my article and comment on it. I'm touched that you are able to relate to my dramas, perhaps to an even greater extent. Thank you so much for reading my story and for your comments and I wish you nothing but the best in your health and your life going forward. God Bless!!!

    • profile image

      Dr. Octopus 3 years ago

      On Sunday, April 20, 2014 I was admitted to Southeast Memorial Hermann for the reason that my intestines flipped onto each other, chocking off blood supply, causing an obstruction, and causing a portion of the intestines to become necrotic. After two emergency surgeries, my anastomosis, the surgical connection of the ends of the intestines to the stomach, had ruptured as well as my abdomen. It was a scary moment, so I had four emergency surgeries in eight days, woke up on a ventilator, and had about seven drainage tubes that drained bile. Some Nasal-Gastric tubes were placed as well through the nose, down the throat, and into the stomach to keep pressure from building up. Had sepsis five times in about four/five months. I was in-patient and hospitalized in five different hospitals for over six months straight. On September 5, 2014 my mom and I were air-ambulanced to the Cleveland Clinic to be under the care of Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd, the President and Director of the Transplant Unit there; he has about 40 years of experience in dealing with intestinal complications of the highest severity. On September 11, 2014 he performed a fifth, eight-hour operation in which he removed the drainage tubes, reconnected the intestines, and resolved the sepsis issues. By the grace of God and the prayers of many, I'm alive today. After about seven months of being away from home, my mom and I were flown from Cleveland, Ohio back to Texas. There's this 12-inch incision on my abdomen that looks cool! It's fun to look at!

    • Canscorpion profile image

      Nimra Aijaz 6 years ago from Steel Town

      This hub is just so amazing... the message you conveyed, the way you conveyed it, and your thoughts reflecting through all possible aspects. It touched my heart! :)

      I totally agree with your point- one should be proud of the scars as they are the reminiscence of your victory over fate, hardships and life. They bring dignity, experience and courage to take stand and keep fighting. Great topic. Voted you up.