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Looking For Mr. Right in All the Wrong Places.

Updated on June 14, 2017

The Dirt Don't Hurt a Bit

The dirt roads of your life are the ones you remember.The highway miles go past so quickly there is no time to feel the earth between your toes.


If Only Wishes Stood Still

Going barefoot, wearing cut-off jeans was sure easier than buying new shorts. They still feel comfy around the waist. As old song quotes, "Although you want them to last forever, you know they never will. And the patches make the goodbye harder still."

Childhood; A Place All Dreams Come True

Childhood memories of starry nights, the crickets chirping as you fall off to sleep. The imagination games, climbing trees, lying in the field, finding animals in the clouds. Do you remember?

Your old swing standing still, hanging from an old oak tree, like a noose. The stately tree watched children grow, from the first push on the swing to soaring into the cottony blue sky. The tree had seen families come and go, die and rise, slumbering until the next child climbed aboard

Leaving one's childhood home is similar to losing an old friend. We think it is exciting at first. New horizons to a brand new land. But when the bags are packed ready to leave, the tears slide down your eyes into your mouth. You turn to look one last time. Only then do you realize, that you are leaving behind a part of yourself that will never be home again. Precious memories are placed gently in a drawer of your mind. Kept safe there. Never to be forgotten, and your dreams will still come true, or so you hope.

Your Daddy Your First Prince

Fathers,please treat your daughter as the princess she is. You are the first man in her life. Treat her in a way that she will expect the boys in her life to treat her. Listen to her, take time out of your day to let her know she is special. You are her first Prince. Knowing that your little girl is going to be looking for a man just like you, is an important assignment.

Statistics Say Daughters Need Their Father

Although some men may feel a mother is the one to help the daughter, little girls need their daddies. Many young girls have become pregnant early in life looking for a man's love. If they find it from their dad, they are less likely to be as vulnerable to boys and sex.


Daughters Need Fathers, Too

By Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D

That Girl in the Mirror

First love is the most fabulous thing! A ring on your finger proves he cares. They call it puppy love, but it still bites like a big dog. When that first boy breaks your heart, you know you will never love another, or so it seems.

Your first job brings a new independence. An old car to drive, and people to ride in it, that is all you'll ever need. Not thinking about the future, just the moment. If you aren't careful, you will find that bad company and bad things come quickly with little money. You didn't even remember when the lofty dreams stopped. .It catches you like a web, inquisitive at first for just a taste of the wild side.You become one of the group, instead of yourself. The party train comes easy, but it is always harder to get back off. Along the way you lose who you were, no longer looking for the truth, you lose a part of your life. Moments that you wasted have wasted you.

Sowing wild oats do not automatically turn your life into oatmeal. It can sometimes put you in the pigsty, with a pen as your castle. You seem to find a lot of toads, instead of your prince on the white horse. Not that there never was a prince, but looking for him in the muck and mire through bloodshot eyes, never did much for a princess.

Isn't it funny how when you get older, you think they were the best days of your lives? But they aren't. They were learning years, cut off too short. Like an old pair of jeans.


Running in the Ditch Never Makes You Rich

Days become years; decades have passed, in a flash of the eye, youth soared past. Your dreams had become buried. You feel old, tired of running too fast and too far for anyone to love you again.

But you were never really alone.The same one who gave you life, and, in turn, gave His for us understood our broken dreams. You can see him now.He had been waiting in the shadowy recess of our mind until we came to the end of ourselves. As we place every broken piece of our life at his feet, He stoops down, takes our hand, and promises never to leave us or forsake us.

And that prince you were looking for? He was there all along.

Long Term Effects of Drugs

  • Long-Term Effects of Drugs on the Teen Brain

  • Drug and alcohol abuse by teens is more likely to cause long-lasting, sometimes permanent effects. One of the most intimidating long-term effects of teen drug use is a permanent decrease in I.Q. Research has shown that cannabis use amongst teens does indeed result in a lower I.Q. years later. Abuse of drugs and alcohol in teen years can cause irreversible damage to the brains' ability to communicate with itself. Studies have shown that using drugs and alcohol before the age of 16 significantly impairs cognitive flexibility, the ability to change thinking based on context, permanently. Finally, research has shown that the use of drugs and alcohol in adolescents affects the productivity of stress hormones, causing them to permanently have trouble dealing with stressful situations. The inability to cope with stressful situations may lead to more substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Mr. Right or Wrong

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