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Prince of Persia: Tale of the Hunter plus post script and omitted opening sequence.

Updated on April 6, 2013

Event of the Hunter.

“In Darkness there is peace, in Darkness there is Dream. In Darkness… there is me.”

“A Thousand years I have waited. A thousand years of Pain; for a thousand years the Light has burned the Desert. But a Thousand years ago… there were those who gave themselves to me.”

The God of Darkness Ahriman thought to himself. Recalling one being in particular whom, in his selfish desires, gave himself to Ahriman for more ‘Game’.

A man strafing to his side as an enraged beast followed exactly, keeping watch of one another, waiting to see whom makes the first move. They shift and proceed to strafe in the other side. Hesitating slightly, they sprint towards each other. After violent clash, a spear bursts from the beasts back as they remain locked. Moments pass as the beasts eyes, still locked on the mans, glass over and releases a final breath then falls over.

Pulling the spear free, he wraps a bandana around his throat slightly bleeding from the beasts attack. Then throws his fist into the air in victory. Grinning instantly, though not lasting, suddenly flips into a frown. For he had vanquished yet another game. Returning to his camp, dragging the beast behind him, heads to his tent for the night. Before he reaches that far, he drops the beast at the base of his ‘trophy heads’, as he get’s interrupted by another.

“There must be more Challenges. More Sport.” The Prince shouted to the man in front of him. Recognizing him as being his messenger.

“Sir, we bring you the sport we find.” The Messenger replied, after the Prince gave him the opportunity to speak.

“But war is spreading. The Ahura have closed the borders… Ahriman’s Corruption spreads through the mountains.” The Messenger continued. Lowering his head even more as he knows the Prince takes this report as failure on the behalf of those scouting for such sport.

“Excuses I can find! Bring me what I cannot… Sport!” Ripping open the sheet covering his tent and storms inside for the night.

“Is it blood you crave?” Came a mysterious voice as the Prince stirred in his bed.

“I can give you your wish.” The Prince growing more restless in his slumber as the voice continued to negotiate with his mind.

“Speak my name and it shall be yours.” The Prince’s eyes open wipe instantly, almost erupting with pain. Clenching his sheet in both hands as he began mumbling to himself.

“I shall give you all.” The Voice concluded, as the deal have been reached. The Prince shooting out of bed, begins to change. Almost as if he was melting and reforming.

The candles light across from him showed his silhouette to the Guards around as his form changes. Not understanding what is going on, the name Ahriman echoes among those witnesses whom begin to flee. The night left with horrors to many unlucky enough to flee from their Prince no longer.

The next day, at the Citadel; The City of Light, guards just outside the city watch as the sky changes abnormally to a growing dark hue. Knowing it is not early enough for such Darkness to come.

“The Sky darkens!” Says one Guard, stepping slightly from his post.

“It is Ahriman!” Another states, relating the Darkness to the tales they are all aware of; the God of Darkness.

“Light the fires. Close the gates against him!” Becoming concerned among themselves, they begin preparing for an encounter of something even they couldn’t predict. But aware it was no man.

Within the City as the Darkness became a heavy veil, the townspeople begin to flood towards the Citadel for their attempt at safety.

“Mother!” Cried a little girl, whom became lost in the strife of the peoples flock. Looking around desperately, she catches limps of her mother and bolts to her, grabbing her waist as soon as she was in reach.

“They are just dreaming. Ormazd will not let the Darkness harm us.” The mother said, holding her daughter securely and attempting to comfort her from the ensuing concerns.

“Ormazd will hold back the darkness.” She continued, kneeling down to get a better hold her daughter.

When suddenly, the Town’s gate crashed to the ground. Sending tremors to those within sight of the incident. In came a creature unlike any they have ever seen; have even dreamed of. Guards try to move the townspeople from the area for their safety as few other guards remain in a stand off with the creature. After a few guards return from guiding the people, they join the stand off, with those already standing opting to rush the beast.

The Creature breaks through the charge, knocking several over after cutting them deeply with his oddly fashioned blade. Proceeding to hunt down every last inhabitant. Dragging each fresh kill till the next encounter. Until he had caused the City to be silent. Moving to a higher place to gaze upon the dead City.

“Give me my wish. And I shall give you yours.” Came suddenly to the beast, as he stood over the destruction he willingly caused. Howling in victory, with his arms reaching for the sky.

Hearing his ‘master’ reminded him of his part of the deal. The Prince wanted to hunt any and all game, even humans. Ahriman accepting this, changed the Prince’s form so he could do this without the aid of any other. Returning to the now desolate City, pools of Darkness form along the ground and buildings. Spawning beings from the Darkness as well as alluring some from the outside. For not all were vanquished; some opted to give themselves to Ahriman to escape their demise so soon.

“So, the Light was nearly extinguished. So, the Night had come… Until it was cheated by the Dawn.”

Ahriman’s thoughts continued after concluding one such memory. Recalling the day, forcing his newly occupied City into hiding, for the Darkness cannot remain with Light burning from the sky.

“Ormazd, God of Light. Ormazd, My Brother. Ormazd, My Jailer. A Thousand years I have waited. Tricked! Cheated! Sealed into this cursed Tree! A thousand years of Pain!”

Growing angrier and angrier from his imprisonment by his Brother; his other half.

“A thousand years for the Light to fade… To flicker. To fail… A thousand years I have waited.”

Regaining his composure once more, due to the realization that he remain imprisoned. Waiting for his time to break free.

“In Darkness there is peace, In Darkness there is Dream. In Darkness… There is me.”

Post Script.

This is loosely based off of an Official Comic that accompanied the Collector's Edition of Prince of Persia in Europe (which is why I placed this under Ghost Writing). It was never released in the U.S. (like many things) but instead was given to Penny Arcade to come up with their own version.

Scans of the comic are available online (both European Comic and Penny Arcade Comic).

To view the Penny Arcade Comic, go here:

Penny Arcade Prince of Persia.

If you'd like to see the comic this short story derived from (dialogue is the same, everything else was written in place of visuals), go here:

Prince of Persia Comic.

Followed by a related but not Opening sequence not found during the actual game. Originally done for the Prince of Persia website during this games life, it was removed once Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands was announced and the website was reformed. This sequence is really interesting due to it's comic like approach with something already known due to the content.


Revised 4/06

Prince of Persia - Prodigy opening.


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