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Printable kindergarten books - Kindergarten books online

Updated on April 14, 2017

Many kindergarten  children love books. They love to color in, see pictures and generally experience the books. They love to be read out to from picture story books. Needless to say, a love of books is a good thing; books open up the doors to a whole new world that can be explored from where one sits.  Using a lot of kindergarten books can help a child learn and read better. Of course it is important to get the right books.

Kindergarten books are usually picture books, story books, activity books, worksheets etc. Children like colorful books or books that can be colored in. They love to listen to the story, they love to color and do activities. Kindergarten books are of course available in plenty in most parts of the world. Using printable kindergarten books may be a useful idea with significant benefits. Printable kindergarten books are usually available for download online which can be downloaded to your local computer and printed out on your printer. 

Printable kindergarten books - benefits

1. Usually you can print out the book as many times as you wish for your child.

If it is an activity book, this will help your child use it (i.e do the coloring or activities) several times. You can also usually print out only specific pages needed thus in effect customizing the book for your child. Even for story books or books to only read, books for children are usually heavily used and get torn soon; in the case of printable books, you have to merely print out one more copy.

2. You can get the book instantly

The internet is ON twenty four hours a day. If you find a book to download you can do it at any time of day or night. Thus there is no waiting, you need a book you can download it right away.

3. You can get it comfortably

Downloading books from the internet can be done from the comfort of your armchair. There is no need to start the car, drive down to a book store, find a place to park the car, get the book and then drive back home to enjoy the book. You can do it all sitting in one place.

4. You can access a large range of books from anywhere in the world

Wherever in the world you are, if you are able to access the internet you can access the entire range of printable books online.

5. They are usually priced quite reasonably

They usually are, but you have to do your own study and analysis on this one; of course remember that you have to spend on the printer and paper costs to print out the books.

Printable kindergarten books - things to consider

An important  thing to consider is of course the logistics of printing out the books once you have downloaded them. Obviously you need a printer or access to one. It is important to see whether the book is in full color or a single color (B/W) format. Often activity books and worksheets would be in B/W since children need to color in them. If your printer is a B/W printer these books can be what you can easily print. Picture books in full color would need you to have a color printer if you need to print in color. Bear in mind that color printing is pretty expensive and you would spend quite a lot of money printing. It may not be so economical. 

Generally books of printable worksheets and activity sheets may be available for download in PDF format. To read these you would need to have Adobe Acrobat loaded in your PC (It is very common and easily available - it will most likely be on your PC). To print out the book you will have to just open the PDF and give the print command. In the case of such printable e-books a separate cover page may or may not be provided. You can just print out the sheets and give them one-by-one to your child to do. You can also file the sheets in a folder to keep them together. In case a cover is needed or provided you can print that out too, of course if it is in full color, either you need to have a color printer or you can print it out in B/W itself. If you really want to make it feel more like a book, you can give the sheets to your local binding shop and get it bound as a book. 

Printable books - cost effective printing

Once you download a few printable kindergarten books or other printables your printing costs will soon rise. There is a cost of the printing and a cost of paper used. Printers used these days are usually ink jet printers or laser printers. While ink jet printers are less expensive to buy, the running costs (i.e the cost per page of printing) are pretty high. Laser printers may be a bit more expensive than the ink jet ones to buy but the cost per page of printing is usually lower.

You can reduce the cost of paper used if you print on both sides of paper. If your printer is a 'duplex' model it has an in-built provision for printing on both sides of paper. But even if it is not a 'duplex' you can usually print on both sides manually. Here's one way to do this:

My printer (Canon LBP 2900B) has an option to print only odd or only even pages. So if I need to print a 100 page PDF and I want to print on both sides of paper, I first print all the odd pages by choosing this option in the Print options. Thus it will print pages 1,3,5 etc until 99. Then I just flip this set of pages and feed this flipped set and choose a print even pages, reverse pages option, i.e it will now print 100,98,96 etc until 2. (Note: My printer has this separate box with reverse pages as caption. If this box is ticked it prints backwards, i.e from last page in the range to first page in the range.) This way you can print out on both sides of paper manually. I suggest you try it out first with only a few pages say 6 to 8 pages. That way if the numbering goes hayware you will have lost only a few pages.

Printable kindergarten books - where to get

They are available online. Just search for printable kindergarten books or worksheets or stories or whatever you want. As with everything online, there is a wide range. Some are pretty good and some not so good. Some are free, some you have to buy. Go in and research online and see what suits you best.

You can buy printable kindergarten worksheets here

Have you used any printable kindergarten books? Please share your comments.

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    • wwriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Thank you NascarRacingMama

    • NascarRacingMama profile image


      7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Love this... My daughter is in first grade this year and we still love to do this.

    • wwriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      Thank you asmaiftikhar for your appreciation. We do feel more inspired to write with such kind words.

    • asmaiftikhar profile image


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      YOUR hub is really very very informative and use ful keep benefiting like this to the people.voted up!


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