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Progressive Policies Are Contrary to Our Founding

Updated on May 11, 2020
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


Progressives think of themselves as enlightened. They believe they are the smartest people in the room. They are impatient and wants things to happen yesterday. Rather than waiting and debating and allowing the people to determine their own future, they want to lead by forcing it upon our society. They have figured out the way to bypass our Constitution is through the courts.

In the process, they have lost their way. Progressives was instrumental in the civil rights movement and they were key to drive for equal rights for women and other minorities. Now, in 2020, they have reach the end of the road.

- May 2020


Progressives claim they have a big tent. They are a coalition of minorities and the underclass. The only problem is, they say one thing but do the opposite. If anyone disagree with their orthodoxy, that person is outcaste.

Progressives use fascist tactics to shut down their opposition. They do this to conservatives who are prevented to speak on our college campuses. Apparently, free speech is not free for everyone.

When progressives adopt policies that are contrary to our founding, they are against human nature. A few examples to illustrate my point.

The Israel vs. Palestine Conflict

Progressives are always taking the wrong side. This conflict has been going on since the founding of Israel as a country in 1949. The Palestinians claim the land as theirs. The Jews has claimed this part of the Middle-east for thousands of years. So who is right?

There seems to be no resolution and no common grounds. Progressives are taking the side of the oppressed. They claim Israel is violating the human rights of Palestinians. Yet, they overlook the many terrorist acts committed by the PLO against innocent civilians.

What would you do if people are launching rockets at your neighborhood?

This is how insane the progressives are. They attack Israel for their heavy handedness dealing with the terrorists. The irony is if the Palestinians and the Arabs were to win, the first people they would go after are the progressives and their secular liberal ideology.

The illegal Immigration vs. legal immigration

The progressive position is all humans are equal and therefore they don't like the term "illegal aliens" when referring to the people to sneak in to our country illegally.

A common trait of progressives is they like to rename things to make them seem more palatable. Such as "undocumented immigrants".

Despite their protest, they are for open borders. They believe everyone has a right to come into our country. They will talk a good game about border security and all that but what they really want is to abolish ICE.

They will spend billions at the drop of a hat but would not pay a dime to build a secure wall. The common argument is the wall will not work and that it is too expense and a waste of tax dollars. They rather spend it for free tuition and healthcare for undocumented immigrants.

The Pro-Life vs. Pro Choice Debate

What is commonly know as abortion, the killing of fetus, has been renamed by progressives as "pro choice". Sounds great doesn't it? Who does not support choice?

Make no mistake about it. There is no choice. Planned Parenthood claims to be an agency to support women's health. Yet, they spend 90% of their operating budget on performing abortions. They say a women has the final decision regarding their own bodies. Yet, science has proven a fetus is not part of the women's body. It contains a different set of genetic composition and there is a placenta that separates the fetus from the mother so that their blood does not mix.

Guns vs. No Guns

The progressives hate guns. They belief our Constitution is obsolete. The 2nd amendment was for another age and has outlived its usefulness and in fact is harming our society...with mass shootings. Some, including a former retired supreme court justice, advocated the repeal of the 2nd amendment.

The fact is guns do not kill people. It is a tool just like a knife or a car. It is people who chose to do bad things like murder and terrorism that kills. The fact is, they can use a host of tools to perform their evil actions.

Why target guns? It is a form of control. The people who advocates big government and collectivism wants total control over the people. Individuality and choice is contrary to their belief system. Guns allow for independence and choice and in extreme circumstances, resistance.

Guns is also an emotional topic. The sight of innocent children shot and killed in senseless fashion is repulsive. The fact guns are the tool of choice just makes it an easy target.

Federalism vs. Big Government

The debate between big government and limited government has been going on ever since the founding of our nation. In fact, without federalism enshrined in the Constitution, we would never have made it as a nation.

Federalism is a simple concept. It merely recognizes the fact that we are a nation formed out of 13 original States and now grown to 50 States. The problems are unique to each locale and the best ones to address these problems is at the local level of government. The federal government is a necessary entity for national defense and a few other necessities. There are enumerated in the Constitution so that we put limits to the power and reach of the federal government.

Progressives love to expand government by means of laws and programs. These were all done in the name of equality and quality of life. We spent billions on the war on drugs and war on poverty. Guess what? They have not made a dent on either issue. Illegal drug use is still rampant and poverty rate is stuck at between 12-14% depending on the state of the economy.

Original Intent vs. Living Document - The Constitution

The concept of a living document has been miss interpreted as the wording can take on different meaning. That does not make it a living document. The original intent of the founders and the architect of the Constitution knew human nature well. They realized the mob can be easily swayed. They made the Constitution bullet proof. That is to say, they use precise words to describe the structure of our government. It was written in plain English so that you don't need a law degree to understand it. The concept of a living document is referring to the fact it can be amended. It is a very high bar by design. The founders want it to be overwhelming before we decide to change it. It must be debated and argued and voted on. In the 200 years, there has only been 17 amendments. That is a testament to how well the Constitution was created.

Legalize Marijuana

pProgressives are free spirits. They like to feel good. Recreation drugs is a good example. They want to legalize marijuana and decriminalize it. They also see it as a racial issue. Most people who engage in illegal drugs are minorities. They are proportionally higher in terms of incarceration. Our government is in effect racist for enforcing laws that relate to drug dealing and usage. It is no wonder, some of the more progressive states are the first to legalize recreational use of marijuana. The jury is still out on whether this was a good move or not. Some effects of drug use are long term. Especially when it comes to teenagers, we will not know the impact on society until these kids have matured and joined the work force.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Progressivism has gone over the deep end when they support gender neutral bathrooms. Gender is so basic to human nature. When a baby is born, the first question we ask is boy or girl. I am not denying that there are a small number of people who are outside the norm. Gays, bi-sexual and people born with different sexual identity...They are small in numbers and we should protect their rights just like any other minority. However, we cannot change the rest of 95% of population to accommodate the 5%. This is especially true when it comes to public bathrooms.

Outside of other forms of identification, the biology of the body is the only determination of sexual orientation. It is common sense that we have separate bathrooms for the sexes.

The UN and One World Order

Progressives worship at the feet of the UN. This body created at the end of WWII has been transformed into a political animal with lots of problems and few solutions. It has failed its primary mission of world peace. In fact, it is full of corruption and have been helpless in the lead up to the Iraq war and also preventing Iran and North Korea nuclear ambitions.

Progressives believe in the open society that is pushed by George Soros. They also think the countries of the world are obsolete and we need to move to a one world organization.

One of the agenda is global warming. The UN, using the IPCC group to advise world leaders on the threat posed by climate change as the result of human activity. They have targeted the use of fossil fuel as the main culprit. The real agenda is to level the economic playing field by imposing tax on the rich nations to distribute to the 3rd world countries. It has very little to do with climate.

Secular vs. Religion

Progressives are atheists or better yet, humanists. They believe there is no higher power. In fact, they believe it is the various religions that caused much of the division and wars over the centuries. A more enlightened population will eventually reject the religious aspects and focus on the "State" to take care of everything.

This is directly contrary to our Founding. We were founded as a free nation and with limited government. The State has a role but the main principles of liberty and equality are derived from God.

Religion is part of the human experience ever since the beginning. To deny the existence of God is to deny oneself. The atheist's quandary is if there is no God, how do they explain miracles.

Dealing With China

Progressives think of China as our equal. Despite being a communist country, and our economic rival on the world stage, they see nothing wrong with their behavior. Human rights does not exist in China. In many respect, progressives envy China. They are able to achieve things by edict where as we have problems with reaching a consensus. Democracy is messy and slow and deliberate.

Progressives will allow China to get away with unfair trade practices to keep peace. After all, they are just trying to improve the lives and living standards of their people.

Human Nature vs. Collectivism

Progressives fail to understand human nature. Just like Karl Marx a few generations ago, he believed the better human condition is to share equally. Remember the quote, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." Sound good but in practice, it failed miserably. It failed when the pilgrims first landed. It failed in the Soviet Union, and it failed in Venezuela...

Communist, and Socialism are contrary to our human nature. We are individuals with different ideals and needs. One size does not fit all.

The concept of equality as enshrined by our Constitution, has to do with equality of opportunity, not of outcome.

We do believe in helping the needy and the disabled. We are a compassionate society. Our system has a safety net. We do take care our most vulnerable. Sometimes, they are better handled in the private sector, with non-profit charities. The federal government has never been known for being efficient.


In summary, I think it is a losing proposition for any party to put their ideology ahead of the interests of the people. Case after case, progressives has been on the wrong side of history. Yet, somehow, they keep pushing the same failed policies. This has lead to failures in some of our large cities, like crime, and homelessness and illegal immigrants and drugs and gangs...and welfare families that extend generations.

If the goals of progressives is to improve the lives of the people, they are doing a terrible job. By contrast, conservative principles works every-time.

It is no wonder that progressives never brings up the Constitution. They don't believe in it. They believe change comes about with activism, both individuals, and groups and the courts. They don't trust the people to make the right decisions. They want to dictate and control every aspect of our lives.

Some Common Traits of Progressives

  • arrogant
  • condescending
  • hypocritical
  • angry
  • impatient
  • emotional
  • illogical
  • passionate
  • racially over sensitive
  • herd mentality or group think
  • never accept responsibility
  • end justify the means
  • some are more equal than others
  • do as I say not as I do
  • never like to be judged while judging others
  • un-Christian or even anti-Christian
  • self destructive

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


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