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Proud to be Yourself

Updated on March 21, 2013

No Arab has any precedence over a Non-Arab and no white has any precedence over black and vice versa. (Al- Hadith)

Integrity has no need of rules. All people are created by Allah Almighty. No one is superior to other in His eyes. All human beings can’t be born either rich or poor. We just can’t change our originality and should’ not seek ways to do it orally unless and until done by struggling more and more in our lives to become great beings. It has been witnessed in under developing countries of the world that poor people lag behind the rich ones. They lack opportunities and so are affronted and suppressed in various fields of life. Seeing their talent being wasted in such a way is of course, a heart rending spectacle. Such cases can easily be observed in countries like Pakistan. This is one of reason that people fall victim of inferior complex and try their level best to come at par with the rich ones. This is also one of the undeniable facts of the increasing crime rate around the globe. When people feel themselves inferior to others then they try to find all feasible ways to minimize this aloofness. This situation is more pertinent in under developing or third world countries. The rich people in Pakistan are not wealthy by themselves but this wealth is given to them by their ancestors who burn the fuel day and night and left their savings for their offspring. Is this the thing they really boost off? Is that the money which they earned by their own hands, which make them feel better? History does’ not remember such well off people whose wealth is given to them by their intimates but remember those who wet themselves in scorching heat and blazing sun, who don’t give up but keep on combating with the challenges put forth by life, who shape their own destinies because through suffering comes the wisdom.

Now as we see that one of the world’s richest men, ‘Bill Gates’ is the son of retired American attorney but now Rory John is the son of a billionaire. Another example of a Pakistani young teenager who started a job to fulfill his education expenses and to be self sufficient by serving people in the bank as a waiter and then a day came when he became the manager of the same bank. If he would have considered that as a shame for him then he would not have achieved his goal. Try to make your own worth by your own hands. Examples like these motivate the people around the globe to use their abilities and get benefited by them. We should feel confident to be a self made person and should keep our vim and vigor higher. We should not do crimes to curtail this distance but should opt ways like education, should use our native abilities which are here in our souls. Try to be different and distinctive. Adopt your own style. You are what you are! Never lose your novelty. Don’t be among those who let others down. If something is impossible then impossible is something possible therefore everything is possible so when life knocks you down don’t make complains “why me?” but be fearless and say “Try me!


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