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Proving What We All Knew

Updated on August 9, 2014

Our World Is Made Out Of Love

Many people will think and a few will try

Doing what I know best

Researching and using science

To prove once and for all

Our world that we know

Is made up something so special

That can be found everywhere

Like dirt covers the ground

Loves energy keeps growing

Covering end to end

In all races for all generations

This is incredible to me

It is the best news I have ever heard

Shock waves send a ripple far and wide

Where no one can ever hide

Let it be known

It is by far the greatest force in the universe

As scientists prove in their labs

Love has spread faster than the speed of light

Love is contagious

Doctors and surgeons across the country

Have banded together to see what the cause is

So far no conclusion yet

It has hit the air waves and the work place

No one is left untouched

My own family has seen it's affects

I never thought is was possible

To see some relatives together

who haven't talked for years

Peace in all it's glory

I never would of imagined

As my own enemies have put out their hand

Television has their ratings go through the roof

One station 24 /7 dedicated to love

With all the how and the why's

This is really good

I have heard claims

But to actually see it with my own eyes

Can you tell me more

I will listen as the impossible begins

Less fighting and maybe one day it will actually stop

We no longer have to hope

All your dreams have been answered each time you pray

What are you waiting for ?

Believe me or not

For America leads the way

For being more giving

Something we can all be proud of

As it won't be long now

Before we all know only to well

Love has circled the globe

Before I can get my words out

It's time for a little show and tell


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