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Psychic Children

Updated on February 6, 2010


Psychic Children are more common then most think. 1 out of 7 Children show Psychic signs before they are 10. Some choose to keep things to their selves. I for one did not share anything until I was 13. I feared for the longest time people would call me crazy. But this isn't about my experience. I will try to explain signs and how to react to a Psychic child. Then I will name the different types of Psychics. I will be glad for any comments, stories, or questions. Also leave me some suggestions on my next article topic!

Psychic Children
Psychic Children

Signs of Having or Knowing a Psychic Child

- Talking of "Invisible People" or people, maybe even things others can't see.

  • Yes, every child shows imagiation, but this may become obsessive, they can usually tell you there names, feelings, age, what they look like, why they are there, or how they died.
  • Some kids talk of their "invisible friends" having family memebers in the sky.
  • Hearing voices in almost any place.
  • Having different emotions and feelings in areas of a setting.

- Saying something is going to happen before it happens.

- These sentences or ones like it could show Psychic signs of a FlashBack in another life.

  • "When I was __an age__ I "did this" or "did that"
  • My son (or daughter) ... "did this or that"
  • They may say a pet resembles the pet they had when they were grown.
  • They say they went somewhere..drove..when they were __an age__

-Understanding certain objects that really don't mean anything to a normal person.

  • Saying.. That cloud means good day or somethings going to happen today.
  • Believing smoke are messages..the can make a whole realistic story off of a fire or factory, maybe even cars.

-If they tell people they have other careers, they call them something they are not, or do not do. They must be able to go into detail, if this one is so. Many children can name careers a person should be, or was but they must be able to go into detail.

  • Telling someone they died in war, with 2 kids and a wife at home.
  • Telling them they were a doctor, when they really aren't but he accidentally overdosed a client.

-The most common one:Seeing into the future. They can predict people futures but not theres. They can always guess, but can not predict there own. They may tell people that they will one day go to disney land, win the lottery, their dog will die. And sooner or later- it happens.


Please Don't be Alarmed!

If you just read the previous paragraph an just realized you know someone with a child, or you have a child showing these signs please don't be alarmed. As I said 1 out of 7 children will have this. So, to look on the bright side, you and the child are very lucky, very lucky. It is not to be looked down on or a shamed of. This is unique and very special. Every single one could be listed above used for good. Sadly, some children lose their power as they become older. They sometimes keep it, if they don't push it away. Some children have it very good and down pat that no matter how hard they try to push it away, it never goes.

The Good of It

 All the gifts I lifted above mean something special. They give that person a certain quality and falre about them that nobody else can fill. Every gift is different, and some gifts change. People with these gifts can help in everyday life. I can't stress enough to NOT PRESSURE THE CHILD. Being very active in the paranormal myself, I know. Talking to a spirit, getting pictures in there head, predicting, or using any gift they have exhausts you, mentally and physically. So, please do not use the child for money, or take them on a television show, or ask them to do this and do that every hour. This is hard to understand, and handle. Let alone actually please someone who wants something from you. If they leave the gift alone and don't pressure it, it would help the child out greatly.

What you can do: Let the gift do on its own. Let them blurt it out randomly like they did before. Let them make the decision to do it, don't ask. Talk to them about it, and give it a special name. Tell them calmly, it's a normal thing to some people, but it makes you very special and unique. You are a one of a kind person, and god made you perfect. Let them know they should not be scared or a shamed. Tell them maybe one day they will help cops find missing children, or maybe help a family get over a loss. Find the good in their gift and tell them. Give it a special name like, "Gift", "(the childs name) Special Thing", "present", "ability"  etc.


The Parents Who Need Help.

 To any Parents who are just finding out, already knew, or have another interesting psychic child: feel free to message me. I beileve in any situation and will not look down on you. Please feel free to tell me stories, comments, if you have questions, or you would like to confirm a spiritual child just leave a comment below, I would love to help.


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    • profile image

      leo 4 years ago

      okay so here is kind of a question/story for u when i was a kid less the 10 years old i would see an old man in the corner of my room every night my mom would tell me that i would tell here its okay mom he says his here to protect me,after some time i started waking up to some one screaming my name really loud is was like almost next to my ear, one time that happen and i woke up (always paranoid) and looked to the door and saw a face i remember it like if it was today that happen, bold the skin was not skin color, and black eyes, i only seen it ones tho, after that we use to have the bathroom out side and i saw a full person standing in my back yard, séance i was a kid i freaked out and ran inside, i would tell people about this but no one would believe me they still don't bu again i only saw that ones, they never talked to me or anything mad. my grandpa use to be into aliens and stuff like that, and he told me i was gifted he was not sure with what but he would tell me i was gifted and that i was very lucky, after all that i would always have this feeling inside me that am not sure how to explain to you, ever séance then i would always feel watch specially when am alone, but never saw anything else, then i started feeling like, i don't now how to describe it to you, like i new there was something inside of me but i was not sure what, that i was able to do something that was not normal and am 100% sure there is something and its just waiting for me to unleash it you could say, this all happen before i was 10 years old, i also have a great memory from when i was little i remember stuff i would do when i was 4 years old or even more little, when i turned 10 years old i moved to the USA (i live in Uruguay its in south america), then i notice that all that stoped just like that, and it was wired to me it felt like some one toke something away from me but that feeling was there still inside me, right now am 20 years old and that feeling of been watched is still there when am alone or some one is not with me, and that feeling inside me is gotten bigger but am just not sure what it is or could be, i now this sounds very wired there is more to the story but its too long to type. but my question to you could i be gifted with something and i just don't now how to use it. i been scared about his because am not sure what is going on here i mean its just that feeling that i now i have something and i just don't now how to use it, i now its wired i even think its wired but i now i have something that i don't now how to use. so i don't now if you could have anything for me, but if you do that would be great just trying to put peaces together. i am now living in Uruguay and dose feeling have gotten stronger.

    • profile image

      leo 4 years ago

      was up

    • profile image

      Momma 5 years ago

      My son Dominic Is two and we recently lost his grandma and grandpa. He recently says that he sees them and talks to them regularly his grandparents two years ago after I had him had lost there dog Dominic somehow knows the dogs name and says that he sees them. The other day we were driving and he said that his other grandma was crying I said why he said cuz she's sad I called her and asked if she had been crying that day around same time and she said yes. At school his teachers son came in and he knew his name with out anyone saying anything there has been countless things going on with him I would like to encourge it but not sure how to

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      My 3 year old daughter just saw a picture of a missing girl on the internet. It was just a picture of the missing girl without any writing with her older sister. My daughter turned to me and her mother and said that little girl fell under the bridge into the water. Then she said that's Elizabeth and there was a picture of the missing girl from Rockport Mass, with her older sister Elizabeth. Now i know my daughter can't read and even if she heard about the horrible tragedy how could she look at a picture and put 2 an 2 together. And now that i think of it i remember my daughter saying that girl is gone in the water when the incident first was reported on the news. Now the State police can not confirm or deny if she did actually get swept out to sea but i believe she did because of what my daughter said and the way she said it with confidence like she knew what she was talking about. She gave me and my wife the chills. About 6 months ago we had a death in our house where we live and after the death my daughter has been acting almost strange at times which i am sure is common. She has imaginary friends she can describe in almost full detail. The first thing she ever said after the death was an owl was waking her up in her window at night every night for a while. I didn't know what to make of it. I don't know what happen to that little girl and i don't know if my daughter does either she is 3 but this whole situation seem pretty strange considering both the missing girl and my daughter are from the same city. God Bless Caleigh's Family and may they find her or peace.

    • profile image

      cynthia 6 years ago

      Hello Me and My parents an sister with her kids just moved into a two story house that was built in 2005 the house was vacant for 3 years I don't know why but my son who is four said he saw a little girl in the bathroom while he was showering, and he described everything that he saw although he is only four with a speech problem he was able to tell me, should I keep asking him questions about that or not?? Where can I take him to get oriented on that, ever since h was potty trained he had never wet his bed or anything, but two weeks prior him seeing this girl he was scared to go to the bathroom or up stairs, and would pee himself.

    • profile image

      AshleyNikole 6 years ago


      I can't say for sure if this is play, or this is something real. It sounds like your son may have a gift. If he randomly states things like someone called his name, it sounds pretty legitimate. Most likely he will grow out of it, just like you did. Don't be alarmed, and don't scold him. If they are family members, he is no harm. Encourage it, and believe him. Don't tell him he is wrong or take him to see someone, unless things take a turn for the worst. Even though, I don't believe it will. Feel free to ask any questions, and talk some more!

    • profile image

      jenpoo 6 years ago

      Please help me understand if my child has a gift or if there is something wrong. For the past few weeks he has told me he hears voices telling him they love him or just calling his name. he says he thinks it sounds like people that have passed away in our family, including his baby brother that lived only 10 hours before he passed. He said it was his brother but as an adult. It kind of scares me even though I am very open to this type of thing. I believe I experienced simmilar things when I was a child. He'll say "did you just hear someone calling my name really loudly,?". I just want to know if I should nurture it or get him evaluated?

    • profile image

      crystal 7 years ago

      my son is 10 and since he was 2 hes told me about visions....but only when hes sick....hes a really sensitive kid physically n a lil bit emotionaly........we are native american...and my grandpa was considered a dreamer....(that means he could look into the future) could that mean hes got a phsychic gift????

    • profile image

      Camj 7 years ago

      Hi ashley,im a phsychic child im 12 and learned of my familys abilitys when i was 8 that was when i started expeiencing my own hope to hear from u soon!!

    • profile image

      melba 7 years ago

      I have always had a sense about people and their feelings as far back as I can remember. Sometimes, after people talk to me, they say they feel ashamed because they tell me everything about themselves. At first, I didn't know what to do with all the information. It was distrubing, but now, I try to shield myself from large gatherings of people have no knowledge of, already. It seems as if it is too much information overload, you might say.

      As I child I remember talking about when I was a little girl before, this is what I looked like and my Mother quickly put that to bed and told me not to be silly. We moved into another home when I was age four. I immediately felt another presence in the house, but again, on mentioning it, my Mother laughed and told me that was not true.

      Later, years later, I came back to live in this home with three four children when two of my children talked about this man they kept seeing. They were frightened of him because they said he was old, with white hair. I later came back to spend the night with my Mother who lived in the house mentioned, and my husband and I slept in the front bedroom. I slept soundly, but was abruptly awakened by my husband's scream. He said he say an old gray haired man with a pointy chin standing right over him. This was my second husband and not the children's Father who had lived in the house with us, years before. He had never heard the story about the spirits. It must have been a strong presence, though. I felt it was my neighbor, Mr.Johnson, who had lived across the street from us, when I was a child, who had passed away, suddenly. We were splendid friends!

      I do have dreams that reveal warnings. When Clinton was in office I dreamed, almost every night about him and, being in different situations with him always trying to advice him on his decisions. Once he and Monica came out in the public eye, my dreams stopped.

      Another single dream was finding a small, black and white dog in the drain, in front of my home. I got up and told my family about the dream and how real it was, but soon forgot the dream. The day the Challenger blew up, I was sitting in my sister's office. I called to check on my children, who were all home, at the time, when my daughter began to tell me my dream had come true. She went on to say, there was a small black and white puppy in the drain, in front of the house and he would not come out and they had lost him forever.

      I have had, yet, another dream or out of the body experience around twenty-four years ago where I could feel the wind on my face and realized I was far above the ground looking down at tree tops and traffic on a two way street. There were lights in the middle that were amber in color. As I looked around there was a river or stream that cut through the city. On the city sign was the name Fredricksberg. As I raised my vision, I could tell the cars were small in size and were all black. They reminded me of the cabs in London, but smaller. As I raised my head, I remember thinking I would fly above the traffic, closer to some buildings in the distance, when I began to hear a suction noise and I was back at home. I have always said that was probably when I would die was when the lights were amber and the cars were all black and small. I am not sure, of course. It could be some type of time of sudden change, in the world. Who knows! After the dream, my daughter looked up Fredricksburg in the Encyclipedia. It was fifty miles from our house.

      As a child, I can remember going up behind a man sitting on a bench and jerking his neck until it popped. He was shocked, but told me he had a bad neck that had been bothering him for a couple of weeks, but after I popped his neck, he had no more problems with his neck.

      I am enthralled by the children in this article. Believe them and support them. They do not understand what is happening to them or why and for that reason parents must be tender and kind and seek someone to help them interpret what is happening without frightening them. They are very special!!!

    • profile image

      katie  7 years ago

      for the past 6 months now my daughter has been seeing a man, she is only two and a half and she wont tell us his name just that hes a man, ...she was a little scared at frist and now shes getting not so scared a little more relaxed when she say that hes there anything i can do to help her,,, i would like her to keep her gift and not lose it is there anything i can do or say to her to help....

    • profile image

      char 7 years ago

      can someone confirm to me that whether my 5 year old daughter has the gift, only she has been really confused and scared as she's seen a little boy and a little girl and also a man in the mirror in the bedroom where she sleeps, shes seen a girl in my garden and shes seen a baby at her nannys, she couldn't explain much more to me as she is only 5 and cant quite explain sentences at the minute, therefore it is making her feel sumwhat, confused, unsettled, frightened, and unsafe as to go upstairs to her room to play and even to bed without her mother. she gets very anxious as to things hurting her such as eating grapes where it would make her gums bleed and she would hide behind walls refusing to go into the rooms without me going first having saying to whom is there " would you please leave".. please respond to my question asap as to answers needing.

    • profile image

      Yvonne 7 years ago

      I have a 3 year old that reads my thoughts. At first it freaked me out but now I'm ok with it. Since she was born I start seeing orbs. She finishes my really is an amazing thing.

    • AshleyNikole profile image

      AshleyNikole 8 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks for the comment Alex-

      I am glad that I believe in my talent, and I never will be ashamed of it again. Actually 1 in 8 people have some sort of Psychic ability weather they know about it or not. 92% of Americans believe in the paranormal, compared to the 64% that believe in god, so Alex you are not nearly lonley with your gift. Good Luck to you, and enjoy what god gave you.

    • profile image

      alex 8 years ago

      Hey Ashley,

      I am a psychic child 2. I admire how confident you are about your talent, because I am still very unsure about mine. When I was a baby I was told that I was very wise, or old, for my age. I am extremely glad that I don't see dead people, but I do hear things that other people don't and sometimes I feel like I'm being watched. One of the things about my talent that I like is my ability to see the future. I'll have dreams or I'll randomly zone out and see what's going to happen the next day or the next week. It's good to know that I am not the only one with a gift like this.

    • AshleyNikole profile image

      AshleyNikole 8 years ago from Virginia

      Mercedes and Angel Carmona, would you please share some of your gift with me? What do you experience?

    • profile image

      Angel Carmona 8 years ago

      Hey Ashley,

      Well I've got to say that your right not to be ashamed of your gift. I just wish I was as sure as you are about your gift than I am about mine.

    • profile image

      mercedes 8 years ago

      Hey i love your stories! I am i physic child 2. But i am only 10! hope to here from u soon

    • AshleyNikole profile image

      AshleyNikole 9 years ago from Virginia

      Thank you BellaMelissa for sharing your story, I for one know it is not easy. I have had some experiences like yours. I am a big dream person. They to me prove there is more to this world to prove then anything. I have a dream relating to something happening the next day. I also have feelings like you. You are not alone. Many have the same powers and it is totally okay. People do get gifts for a reason. Thanks for the comment and stories. Having people like you make this whole thing worth while. Please contact me for anything. Thanks Ashley

    • profile image

      bellamelissa 9 years ago

      Hello there ashley, your stories are interesting im glad that you are not ashamed of your gift anymore it truly is a blessing. i can relate with you a bit. I don't see spirits anymore i saw them when i was young once when i was just an infant, one was a blue orbe and it picked me up and gently rocked me back and forth. another when i was about two or three it was white and it came toward me when i was in my crib and it was talking to me but i was scared because it was dark and i didn't understand, for some reason i have an extremly great memory from when i was young i guess that is partially because i began to talk when i was six months old i think that is why i remember. I don't see them anymore but i feel their energy and know if it is a good one or a bad one. I believe in past lives and feel i have an old soul, wise but i still have much to learn. sometimes i feel alone because i don't really know any one like me except my mother we both have dreams about the future and of people who are going to die or ones who already have. My mother is kind of a pesimiest when it comes to the dreams though because she thinks that there is nothing we can do to intervine but i believe there is something we can do, there is a reason we have this gift. I did have one intervention with my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband i like to think my dream saved him from dying. i saw red, then the word crash and then people sitting in a circle in silence. it didn't make much since but i felt i had to warn him because he had a red car at the time. and i did and i was driving behind him the nite it happened we were coming back from a nite out with a friend and he had a bit to drink so i suggested that his friend drive instead they still ended up crashing but i think because his friend was driving that it turned out the way it did. and as it happened i got that funny feeling like something was about to happen but things would be ok. i would like to have a better understanding of my ablity, i have a great intution i feel energy and i help people through massage but i feel like there are levels to this intuition and the more you understand about people, places, objects and things about the world the more your natural intuitions will improve. i have a question if you know the ans or can give me some advice it would be very helpful. i have these dreams but they are few and very far between the last time i had a significant one was in october of 2006 when a college student whet missing and i saw here where she was found and i saw the word rape. she was naked lying by a body of water in the woods by a rocky hill. i was just wondering if your dreams come to you like this or to any one else who reads this. i kinda feel that we need to learn something from them and have to understand some things before we can move on to help the next person. anyone have any suggestions?

    • AshleyNikole profile image

      AshleyNikole 9 years ago from Virginia

      Amanda Severn : Thank you for the comment and sharing your experiece. Yes, by the way it was creepy at first but know I wouldn't give it up for the world. After seeing the releive in people when they need closure gives me a smile. I would help anyone at the drop of a dime. Thanks for the comment! Thanks, Ashley

      Anna Marie Bowman: Yes, I do havve dreams as well, and also I have dreams of deseased people come to me in dreams and ask me to help a family member who is going through a crisis. I also have some who warn me of the future and what is coming. Don't be alarmed by your daughter, you said it yourself, it could be handy one day. Thank you for the comment. Thanks Ashley

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 9 years ago from Florida

      Interesting. I have a bit of the touch, as a friend of mine likes to call it. I don't see dead people, thank goodness. But, I do often get hunches as to what will happen. I have had prophetic dreams, and a few times where I knew what was going to happen before it happened. It seems to have spread to my daughter, as well. She has come up to me and told me things that she would have had no way of knowing, and things like that. Never be ashamed of your gift. It may come in handy one day. If I had paid more attention to several of the dreams I have had, things may have turned out very different in my life.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Wow Ashley, spooky stuff. This sounds very like that Bruce Willis film Sixth Sense. I also saw spirits as a child, but never so clearly as an adult, although I do sometimes have a sense of spirits being around me.


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