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"Psychic Self-Defense: Strengthen Your Aura" by Denning & Phillips

Updated on May 5, 2013

Book Review

Even as open-minded as I think myself to be, I still feel silly when I read books with titles such as this. And that's about half of what I read. And it's really strange that I feel silly, seeing that I also consider myself to be a very spiritual person and having more psychic abilities than your average person. I suppose you could say that I have so many conflicting feelings because of the many people who live inside my head, ranging from the most skeptical poo-poo-er, to "the believer" who believes in most everything. They all get along, most of the time. Not that there are not plenty of times and plenty of subjects that I just have to shrug my shoulders and say "I just don't know what to think about that" because there is nothing close to a consensus among the villagers who live in my head. (I'm not saying I literally think there are many people in my head or that I have a multiple-personality disorder. That's just what it feels like to be me.)

But, to the skeptic in me, as I was reading this book, I have noticed a marked difference in the way my work environment affects me, in that, it doesn't affect me so much at all anymore. And I certainly can't chalk it all up to my imagination, having had the suggestion to my subconscious mind that I now have the power to make myself protected. The skeptic in me also really likes that, that in no small way, it really is all about one's imagination. That makes sense, it can be explained logically and scientifically. When people believe that the economy is bad, that creates a bad economy. Or, if people believe a company or a bank, as another example, is failing, then it probably will. Or, when the person becomes a doctor, or an olympic athlete, or a rock star, it all happened precisely (but not entirely) because they believed they had it in them to become a doctor, olympic athlete, or a rock star. So then, if you believe you are protected by an invisible energy field, then you are protected by an invisible energy field!

You see, I work with the public, and it has always been such a chore for me. Working with the public usually drains me, and it often feels as though each person I come in contact with takes a little of me with them when they go. If I'm in contact with pleasant people, of course, it's a pleasant day. Otherwise, not so much. If I've dealt with people all day who were not pleasant, it's as if I have spent the entire day playing tug of war, or dodge ball, people hitting me with their various negative states of mind or pulling me into their various poor attitudes, leaving me with some of their anger, some of their depression, or some of their exhaustion, or whatever they happened to be feeling while I was dealing with them.

Let me use another analogy to illustrate what it's like to be sensitive and without protection. It's as if I am naked whenever I'm out doing a lot of one-on-one situations with the public. It's not difficult when the weather's nice. But, occasionally people are like a blast of arctic air, or scorching heat, or out of nowhere I'm being smacked hard by hurricane winds with stinging rain. Strengthening your aura is like, for someone like me, putting on some clothes, or maybe even a hat, gloves and overcoat, before going outside to face the elements.

Doing the various visualization exercises explained in this particular book before going to work, I am left feeling not quite so exposed and affected. I feel I have to get better at these visualizations, and do them more often, and then I'm sure I will feel and be even more protected.

And that's not to say that I have become any less able to sense what a person's feeling or thinking (vaguely, as has always been the case.) But now, I can take a moment, and fortify myself against other people's feelings and thoughts from affecting what I think and feel.

Normally I will stop reading something if it loses my interest, at whatever point that might occur, (that's probably the ADHD kid in me.) And, in the case of this book, I came close to putting it down indefinitely. Because, honestly, it got boring in the middle. I thought to myself, I'll press on through since maybe this will be useful in the future? And press on I did, and finally it got to other ideas that were useful to me. What was boring to me were the few chapters dealing with being under "psychic attack" by an occultist/psychic (or someone dabbling in the metaphysical)... but I don't even know anyone who has both the ability and the desire to do such a thing to me. I don't believe I have any enemies. But, like I said, you never know when something will be useful. So I read those chapters anyway.

Most of the ideas expressed were things that I agree with, for the most part. But some ideas here and there I found a little hard to swallow. Like, for example, listening to hard rock music or metal is not good for your psychic protection. But, on the other hand, perhaps that's why I can't listen to head-banging music exclusively, and I do feel "off" when I listen to whole albums of raucous or dark music.

But, of the ideas that did resound with me, I'm eager to try out. One particular example was of a woman known to the author(s) who would do a little exercise whenever she wanted to claim a store item for herself for a later time, when she would have the money. And it was always waiting for her when she came around to make the purchase. Another example was a couple who had regularly strengthened their aura, but on this particular day had encountered some thugs who had been terrorizing the neighborhood, but in their case, they just walked on by, almost as if invisible or somehow just too intimidating.

And that's my recommendation for this book. Take what is useful, and discard the rest. Well, but perhaps "discard" is too unkind a word to use. How about "file away" the rest somewhere? But if you find yourself, like me, sensitive to people and their various feelings and moods and in need of protection from it all, then you'll find many of the ideas in this book very useful. And if you feel or need protection because someone has put their sites on you to do you some damage, I guess you better start protecting yourself pretty darn quick! And, if that is the case, that someone's intentionally attacking you using their psychic abilities or knowledge, it probably would be a good idea to read any book you can find about psychic protection. I'd go with just about any book on the subject that has good reviews on Amazon. Some links are provided below. This particular book seems to be in limited availability, so I've offered some other books to get you started.

I'm betting that doing a search on google using the words "psychc protection techniques" would also be useful, if you'd like to do some online research for yourself.

You can never have too much protection, I would think.


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    • captainchris profile image

      captainchris 6 years ago

      Normally I will stop reading something if it loses my interest, at whatever point that might occur, (that's probably the ADHD kid in me.) And, in the case of this book, I came close to putting it down indefinitely. Because, honestly, it got boring in the middle. I thought to myself, I'll press on through since maybe this will be useful in the future?

      Very good tip!!

      Thanks for sharing hthis with us!!

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