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Psychic Vampires Three

Updated on September 16, 2015
RJ Schwartz profile image

Pagan Poetry is a specialty of mine - I own a website called TheGypsyThread with more of my work.

Who Are We?

The word Vampire conjures up thoughts of blood, and fangs, and ultimately death. Psychic Vampires don't drink your blood, they feed on your energy and they are everywhere. So clever in their tactics, they often seem like more than one person. Anyone can be a psychic vampire, but they all have the common thread of draining the energies of those around them unsuspecting and stealthy. They feed by touch, hugging or most often sexual contact. They feed on crowd energies and emotional energy. By drawing out feelings from a host through manipulation, they pull energy toward themselves leaving their victims exhausted and confused until they just can't seem to function normally. By making demands for time, or always asking for help, they start to control the lives of their hosts pushing them harder and harder to get a bigger energy rush until the host realizes it and breaks free, or simply crashes and burns metaphorically.

Why ?

Its not confirmed, but most research has shown that psychic vampires lack the ability to generate their own energy and need to "feed" off of others to replenish what they use during normal day to day activities.

We Are Feeding On You

It’s the energy that we seek

Static, raw, brazenly bright

Riding the lightning

Charged by the sense of power

We squabble amongst ourselves

The three who exist as one

Each vying for the most

The greed apparent

Front, side, and rear

We’ll come at you unsuspecting

You’ll call us friend, or lover

Ultimately foe

Time is our ally

We measure the moments

Slowly at first, tiny bites

You succumb to our ways

Exploiting your fears

Your moments, your everything

We silently drink our fill

Yet, you remain

Soon fatigue will grip you

Nagging, then concerning

Rest does no good

Restless and unsettled

Heaviness of existence

We smile and offer cheer

For the drops few that remain

Choice, primal, and dear

Rest while we finish the job

Imagine if you can

Can you see the three?

Or is it just me?

Consume and repeat

The hosts are nameless

It’s the energy we seek

Parasitic yes, but necessary

Do you have the eyes?

Ones that clearly see

Can you break away?

Will you ever be free?

Do you have an experience to share ?


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