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Updated on October 3, 2009


on June 8, 2007. ©-MFB III

For Humpty-Dumpty People.

Leave the shell

of what was


behind you.

Scramble away

without regrets.

Crawl out of your fires

of despair and into

the teflon coating

where nothing sticks

Take on the yoke

of a new life,

 daring to

incubate all

that was lacking

from before in you.

Then if perchance

 you should suffer

loss of balance with

a breakdown again.....

Simply spread

yourself white,

with a sunny center

over the blackness

of the deadpan of

your depression.

Then sizzle and dance

 in the oils of life,

no longer stuck

in the bottom


All will be over

easy that way.


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