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Finding Your Inner Writer: Putting the "I" Back Into Your Wrting

Updated on August 10, 2016

To "I" or not to "I"?

Find Your Inner Writer Again!
Find Your Inner Writer Again! | Source

What Drew You To Writing?

What first drew you to the writing field? Was it a chance to express yourself, to let the world know you were? Perhaps to get down your feelings and thoughts, before they disappeared into time? If so, you may have lost this initial motivation for writing.

It is sometimes to hard to remember who we are, when forced to write about things that don't always interest us, for the sake of an assignment or other requirement. But here are some suggestions for putting back the "I" into your writing, for finding our inner writer, our original spark once again.

Remember who you are!

Remember who you are, and why you write.
Remember who you are, and why you write. | Source

Finding Your Inner Writer

  1. Do some writing just for fun. Don't worry about whether or not you will make money on it, or if you can market it properly. Just write, and enjoy it. You can publish it here on Hubpages, or on your blog, or maybe just in your journal. But have fun!

  2. Write at more than one place. If you have a commercial account on Hubpages, and you use exclusively for product reviews, write somewhere else, perhaps under a different pen name, if you want, just to let loose and write what you like!

  3. Ask yourself what you are feeling right at this moment, and write about your feelings. Don't over-think it, just let it flow. You are getting in touch with your inner writer! Not just your inner marketer.

  4. Use a writing prompt, and see where it goes. Miss Olive wrote an excellent hub on prompts. Check that out, or use your own resources. Allow yourself to wander away from that practical writing.

  5. Write about a memory that you have. As writers, one of our greatest resources is inside our heads: our overflowing chest of half-remembered moments and vague recollections. Go back there, and just start to write what you remember. Recall details, using all of your five sensory faculties.

  6. Write about your faith. As a Christian, I have written several articles about my faith. This reminds me of what I believe, and focuses my attention on what is important. I am a believer in God, and Jesus Christ. I need to remember my focus, in order to stay refreshed as a writer. Write about what you believe in. As we get older, we often forget our beliefs as we are forced to focus on bills, mortgages and bosses.

  7. Take an objective piece you have written, and just for fun, write a personal piece on it. For example, I have started writing about furnaces for a client. Now, furnaces are not personal, to me, at all! But if I was to write about my experience in writing about stuff I am not an expert in, that would make it personal!

  8. I have alluded to this one already, but i think it warrants its own point. Write a blog! Blogs were set up to be specifically personal. Readers expect them to be personal. So, write a blog, even if it's not for money. It's on your blog that you get to be yourself!

  9. Write Some Reviews. Write about a T.V. show you just watched, or your latest kitchen gadget. But write your own personal experience with it, not just what you have read. Personal reviews seem to have the most punch, too.

  10. Give out some hub love! Commenting on other people's hubs is a great way to start to feel like a person again, instead of a writing automaton! Noticing other people's writing gives you a chance for some non-pressured writing, without pressure, or expectations. Just read, enjoy, and comment. (And vote up, of course!)

I hope it resonated with you

So, these are some ideas for putting the "I" back into writing. I hope that this may have resonated with you, in some way. I have found a need to do this, myself, and this is where I got the idea for the hub.

I think it is important to remember the original reason that we became writers, and to keep our voice intact and strong, whatever writing jobs we have to do, to please clients or invite sales. To all of you writers, I wish you happy writing!


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