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Putting things right

Updated on March 27, 2015

The Power to Behold.

Staying in Scotland we see some incredible weather sessions.storms that rip of garage roofs and doirs(from personal experience).nature needs respect,maybe then the storms be fewer and fewer.

Flowers waving in a petulant wind,strongly pushing never rescind
Trees look scared of the powerful force,afraid to let nature take its course.
The lonely bag flies by in the sky,where it ends up probably nearby.
Weathers changing,getting worse by the day
Global warming is what all the experts say.
Birds soaring high in the sky,touching heaven as life passes by.
Give people a chance,let life be lived right.
No one knows the future,there is no insight.
You can't do right for doing wrong,my mum used to say
She was always right,through day and night,this I have to say.
People will flock to the next big thing
It always has too familiar a ring.
If we all do our best,get on with life as best we can
We can all live mostly in harmony,both women and man.
No one can be right all of the time
No matter what they tell you,you'll find out just fine.
It's taking it one day after another
Be plain and simple,causes less bother.

Total surprise.

Lucky Escape.

When I was younger,about six or seven,my friend and I were out playing.without much warning the mother of all storms hit,we were basically stranded out in a wooded area.we found shelter in an old abandoned cave.just in time as where we were sheltering before a huge tree gave up to wind power and crashed on top of where we had been.

Once a day,feeling a bit grey.

Backdoor Garden.

Each time there's a major storm my back garden really does suffer.any of my good gardening efforts during the summer are quickly demolished by the power of the storm,and there's literally nothing I can do to stop it.

Looking forward.

Terrential Rain.

As the weather hits Scotland ,it's a change in vision more than anything.when the rain hits it really the power intensifies it's a wall of water cascading down from the dark skies.inevitable flooding and drama ensues.

Kids Scared.

I have five kids,even in their teenage years as well as when they were young,they are quite literally terrified when there's thunder and tends to be all heads under the duvet each time the lightening cracks across the sky.

Beauty Follows.

The day after the storm has discipated,the Sky looks reborn.its truly piercing blue in colour,the heat is also recognisably jumped up a fair few degrees.the calm back before the next storm.

New Life

Any nature flattened by the harsh beating from the storm is replaced by amazing flowers and unusual blooms not seen very often.its an artists dream painting scene.


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