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Updated on September 16, 2013

What can one do when they cannot speak? Do they hold it inside and pretend they are meek, or do they open up, with their arms wide and accept the words that come from inside?

What can one do when they cannot see? Do they close their eyes and pretend not to be, or do they bring forth through artistic expression the pictures inside to no longer cause derision?

What can one do when they cannot feel? Do they spin inside like the turning wheel, or do they bring their emotions to show, out to the world so they see how they've grown?

What can one do when they cannot reach? Do they recoil and quit or go out and breach the boundaries of limitations we all face? Those limits that all seek to erase.

What can one do when they can no longer fly? Do they on the ground stay with wondering eye, or do they reach out with emotional mind to see what truths the universe may find?

What can one do when they can no longer write? Do they keep all the words inside locked tight, or as the above states do they speak and share their words as not to feel weak?

What can one do when the world falls down? Do they remain solid and flat on the ground, or do they rebuild their lives from the rubble and create all the wonders from each and every trouble?

So many questions, the answers so few. Yet each answer lies in front of you. Using eyes, words, imagination, and flight, all can be found when we bring in the light.

Kari Shinal Copyright 4-10-08

© 2013 Kari Shinal


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