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Updated on November 22, 2011


We grow up, try to create a life of our own in between intertwined lives, and create a motto for our own lifestyles. In the process, we often ignore what has gone into our growth and livelihood, and I’m not talking about our hard work and achievements, but the people close to our hearts who have poured in their share of life and livelihood for our survival and achievements. We all, at some point come to a passive realization, and although we can’t do anything…we sip along and smirk at our realization with a buzzed mind, a toast to the eccentricities of life & loneliness, Cheers!


Quenching through the night in lone company

The melodies thus heard deafens the symphony

The empty space in the bed in my teary sight

Is blinded further than my hallucinating flight

Swigging through the glass in dawdling intoxication

Quaffing aplenty yet feeling pain’s aberration

Swilling my unruffled throat like an apparition

Alas I can’t absorb the purity in contamination

Allow me another serving, take away my pain

The contagious half full glass leaves my half in vain

Let me quiver and try, let me unnerve and cry

Let me feel my numb senses, let me get dry


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