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Questions in Redemption

Updated on November 19, 2011

Questions to Redemption Explained

Today, Nov 19, 2011 I'm adding another chapter to this hub, "Questions in Desolation", a chapter that serves as a prequel to this hub, which I wrote exactly 1 year ago...

"Questions to Redemption": With this piece, I continue my confession, heart ache, and my desperate quest for Redemption, without which I feel my heart is blocked at the moment & I can't even lament expressively in this routined, theatre of a life...


Questions in Desolation

Do I have the strength to pull through?

Do I have stomach for the whole brew?

Do I have enough nourishment to endure?

Do I deserve to see and savor success pure?

Have I seen enough to see the beloved light?

Have I had the right sustenance to be bright?

Could I be the soul I had hoped to become?

Could I ever hear the modest pinnacle hum?

Can I feel the serenity and joy of reality?

Can I see the brightness of our felicity?

Can I hear the tinkles of sound harmony?

Can I taste the sweetness of an epiphany?

Can I smell the enchanting fragrances of heaven?

And celebrate all my senses as they truly brighten

Will I be able to surpass or arrive at the horizon?

Will I be served the full course in joyous unison?

Questions to Redemption- A Sincere Attempt to discover Redemption

How could I get back what my life has lost?

How could I comply with all sentiments in frost?

How can I repent and undo all my idiocy?

How do I go forward with sane efficacy?

How can my heart agree to my mind in unison?

How can my consciousness come in comparison?

How can my subconscious incite an armistice?

How do I calm my senses in trembling solstice?

How will I be able to calm her well like hitherto?

How will I live with that void constantly impromptu?

How can I get back the goodness gone haywire?

How can I make peace with all logical fire?

How will I acknowledge the meaningful satire?

How will I get off the ever-decomposing mire?

How can I bounce back with bona fide confidence?

How can prove myself again with strict cadence?

How will I see the mirror with mists warping my reflection?

How will I dream through nightmares inching my extinction?

How can I even sleep in solitary confinement undefined?

How can I wake up to murky nimbuses making me blind?

How can I breathe the fresh breeze of life that once was?

How can I feel my skin when in desolation is even Midas?

How can I inculcate my resounding mettle onwards?

How can I redeem my soul when my feet steps backwards?


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