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Quickest Thoughts: Egypt

Updated on July 7, 2013
Morsi,The rightful president of Egypt!
Morsi,The rightful president of Egypt!

Thought :1

All was planned
You had it in your mind
in the beginning
to oust Islamic party
from power
as you did successfully
in Algieria,
But this time
I am sure Inshaallah
It will slip like sand,
and go out of your hand


It must be blinding
to stare up at
The Tahrir Square skies,
convinced that
the revolution fruit
not stolen
and only they change subtle
in hue
from coloring
the country and
the flush of
Egyptians skin
from a sole ultimate colour.


every time you
return, with your
large, rough hands
You get nothing
just emptiness
and bruises


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