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Quiet Time

Updated on July 7, 2016

So Important

To do things right

It is not as easy as it looks

After years of different choices that keep bringing us to our next desired feeling

We search for peace and pleasure

Many people want more and more

Later in life they realize they can't have it all

Changes come as we grow older

Soon they make new choices

Many people give up the life they had

Trading it in for a simpler and less complicated

I like to think a lot of things we leave behind

For someone else to enjoy like we have

Creating new found fun and kindness

As I watch people adapt

No longer a victim of our environment

Left to battle the weather and all seasons

We face a new challenge

A mental enviroment

One that can be surrounded with years of poccessions

When all we were looking for is connection

With people to share our life with

Reflecting on our past

Thinking twice

To review all we have enjoyed

Now to live passionately and give

To have a life that is really nice


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