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Quotes about Being Happy in a Relationship

Updated on December 15, 2015
quotes about being happy with yourself
quotes about being happy with yourself

Quotes about Being Happy With What You Have

Being happy with yourself is not an impossible task and these quotes will show you a way. It's so funny how people think they matter in your life but as soon as they are no longer in your life, you feel a sense of relief as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulder. if it takes a lot of work to be in a relationship, whether friend, family or lover, then it's probably not worth it. If you feel more drained than happy after speaking to a person, then it's considered a high maintenance and possibly toxic relationship. It's quite alright to let it go and being happy with yourself.

Quotes about being happy with what you have in life!

  1. When you can finally be at peace with everyone and everything regardless of your situation, you find the true happiness.
  2. I would rather suffer with her than to be miserable without her. True love exists and its here with us.
  3. Someone told me that they are no longer happy because their situation is so drastically negative. To them I say, happiness is a state of mind and not a present circumstance. True joy starts in you.
  4. When outside we have to bend over backwards and mind to get what we want, while to find your true self is in, we just have to surrender.
  5. Stay in silent; cultivate your own inner power. Respect the life of all that exists in the world. Do not force, manipulate or control the others. Become your own Master and leave the others be what they have the ability to be.
  6. Life is a game you just have to play well. Don’t look at your past, go forward because looking back never have a happy ending but looking forward gives you more happiness.
  7. A sense of purpose is the best driving force to live. It may not be the kind of motivation you want, but it is the one you need. When you have a reason to live, you will never have a reason to quit. Be inspired every day and do not forget your purpose.
  8. Don't ever take a decision when you are not happy, because you will end up regretting it, so be careful.
  9. When you face your job as an opportunity to achieve excellence, it becomes more than just a job. Whatever the task, it is an opportunity for you to express yourself and give it your best shot.
  10. Happiness is the result of getting what we want, but joy is the result of having God on our side in spite of what we have. When stuff runs out, happiness leaves but with God, after all, the things we go through, we still have joy. Which do you have?
  11. I so hate girls who complain about not having a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. What of those who doesn't have a mother on mother’s day?
  12. Only if death knows how it dismantles our hearts, souls and spirits, it could least take a break from us and let us be happy a bit.
  13. Real happiness comes from a place within that only God get to no matter how much paper you chase. Cheddar you slice or chip you has stacked. Faith is still the key and prayer unlocks the door.
  14. There's no greater joy than sacrificing or denying yourself to increase the quality of another person’s life. The best gift in the world is the gift of giving.
  15. I don't get excited when people give me things. Rather, I am excited when I am able to give out because giving opens the way for receiving.
  16. Success is not just about winning but the passion for winning. Do you really want to achieve your goals and be a success? Then you must develop a winning attitude.
  17. God has revealed to me the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is the result of good fortune, but joy is the result of God's favor. The joy God gives, the world can't take.
  18. Life is flexible, it could get turned, expand, bent and shrink.
  19. Every normal person has 76 heartbeats, but I have 77, one is in your smile. So don't loose your smile baby.
  20. Being happy in a relationship cannot relate to a broken heart.
  21. The pain of denying yourself what you want will be overcome by the joy of knowing you made the right decision. True strength is evident by true sacrifice.
  22. The pursuit of true happiness requires releasing the things that hinder that pursuit. If it doesn't want you, can't help you, won't trust you, take from you and offers no hope for you, it's no good to you. Take a deep breath and let go. I promise you will be ok without it.
  23. The pain of finding out that the one's you depend upon aren't really down for you is offset by the joy of discovering that you can't count on them. Don't just know who your friends are but know who the enemy is as well
  24. I think many of us are guilty of depending on others to make us smile or bring us joy, just to end up disappointed. That's just too much power to give a person, over our emotions. Let's take authority over our feelings and speak joy into our own lives today.
  25. If you really want or just needed to be a better person, prepare yourself to be hated by the idiots. Just be ‪strong and remember to be ‪‎kind no matter what.

Being Happy

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Be Positive and Be Happy

It’s too complicated, nothing seems right or wrong. Everyone has an excuse, everyone has a motive, and everyone has a goal. It's complicated because everyone can justify any act as long as it takes them a forward step towards achieving their goals, even if it was inhumane, even if it was bounding others freedom. They will guide you towards the bigger picture from their standpoint and trick you into accepting that this was their only way out, that what they did is the only right choice.

Moreover, they could take you to the next level and even convince you that their acts even though they seem harsh are indeed an evidence for their patriotism, an evidence proving with no doubt that they are heroes and without their choice, we would have been eaten alive by others. Eventually, we will subconsciously envy a person that just died in an accident. At least, he or she wouldn't have to bump up against reality anymore.


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    • Quoteslover profile image

      Quotes Lover 2 years ago

      Thank you Loretta

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 3 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      Some wise words here.

    • profile image

      Liza 3 years ago

      I love my boyfriend and there is no concept of my life without him, These above quotes would be more beautiful if you mention both of us.