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Quotes and Explanations From "And Then There were None"

Updated on July 30, 2012

A collection of quotes and explanations from the book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. In case anyone needs some last minute reviewing, or just wants to remember the thoughtful lines of this classic!

1. “And you can’t give me any further information?” – Philip Lombard. This quote is from the very beginning of the book when Isaac Morris was convincing Lombard to travel to Indian Island. This quote represents the book well because during their entire stay on Indian Island, there was so much that was unknown. No one ever knew completely what was going on, and everyone always wanted further information.

2. “I’m talking to you, young man. The day of judgment is very close at hand.” –Old man. This quote was spoken by Blore’s train-buddy. It represents the rest of the book because soon after they all arrive to the island, they realize then many of them ARE being judged, harshly, and they will be punished for their actions.

3. “Queer business when you come to think of it- the whole thing was queer.” –Fred Narracott. This quote came from the thoughts of Narracott as he ferried them all over on his boat. It represents the rest of the book because the rest of the events throughout the story are really very strange, and this is the first person who really thought it.

4. “He said, ‘Ha, delightful spot!’ But he felt uneasy.” –General Macarthur. This quote was said by Macarthur when they all first stepped onto the island. This is nearly the entire premise of the book- people saying one thing, but thinking another thing entirely. It represents the ease to lie and tell stories throughout the book.

5. “She would not think of it. All that was over.” –Vera Claythorne. This quote was given at the time when Vera was remembering Hugo and Cyril. This represents the book because even though everyone on the island thought they could move on from their murders, they really couldn’t. Because somebody found out, and the whole thing is NOT over.

6. “We’re not going to leave the island.” –General Macarthur. This was said by General Macarthur the morning he was killed. This represents the book because he was he was really the first to grasp that they would all die on the island as a result of their actions.

7. “He went and hanged himself and then there were non.” –The poem. This quote was a part of the poem. This represents the story because it tells how each person dies in the order of the poem, and then the last person causes their own death. It really sums up the whole novel.

8. “And they will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved problem on Indian Island.” –Justice Wargrave. This quote tells that the whole thing was done carefully, and purposely. It’s like a general answer to the unsolved problem.


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      seth 3 years ago

      i need a quote about why philip lombard brought a gun to indian island