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Updated on November 24, 2010

I love to write to say what’s inside my mind in a poetic manner

I want to express it in a dramatic execution

Not too deep not too plain either

I want to share what’s inside my mind and what I really feel

Am not an artist though, am just trying to be one

But what really captures me and engulf me in this black hole of serenity

Is seeing the beauty of letters that compose a word, words that create a language

Language that define and put shape into our shapeless feelings and emotions

Words that showed us the beauty and essence of life, love, pain, joy 

And all the human emotions that is personified in words

I want to make my mark in my time of existence

I want to find the reasons why I was born

We are all pilgrims as they say

A passerby in this life, we are born, we live, and we die

But what really matters is how we live and spent every moment of it

How we treasure and cherish, savor everything life has to offer

It’s not based on accomplishments, achievements, milestones,

Or whether if we have conquered the world or at least that’s what I thought

For me what really define our existence is in the fulfillment and the

Feeling of completeness in doing the things we do no matter how small or how extravagant it may be 


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