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Relaxation Activities Should Not Interfere With Your Work Or Become A Drawback

Updated on December 26, 2013

Relaxing from your work from time to time or rewarding yourself in between your work sessions is very important. It is one of the greatest ways to increase productivity. You get to motivate yourself to increase and turn your work into hobby. You do not feel lazy when writing because it primes your mind to write for the immediate reward. It makes you take interest in your work because the work always becomes a key to unlocking ideas and your skills within you. You get to love the writing process because it always becomes the bringer of what you love doing for recreation.

In their effort to make writing interesting using relaxation activities, some people may end up hooked up to the same thing that is supposed to help them increase productivity.

An example is playing a video game in between your work sessions to relax. The truth is Video or computer games can be very addictive. You could be drawn into the gameplay and completely deviate from your main purpose and objective.

For instance, when you play a video game on the computer to reward yourself or to relax, sometimes you could end up making the game your achievement. Your sense of success is totally turned unto winning the game’s prices that you would find the writing boring.

When the game becomes much more interesting to you than the writing, you will start experiencing a writer's block. Sometimes, just thoughts of the game could make you experience a writer’s block. You would come up with excuse to go and play the game.

When using the video games as reward tool or relaxation activity to escape a writer’s block, great care must be taking so that you are not hooked to the game so much so that you forget your purpose.

Advice to writers

Set your eyes on your main purpose and keep reminding yourself of your objectives. Let it guide you through the writing process to avoid deviating. Writing entails much discipline. Use your working time wisely

You should be able to strike a balance between your work time and leisure period. You should know when to play and when to work. You should know when to start work and when to stop. If you train yourself to stop work at the appropriate time set on your timetable, you would also learn to stick to the time for your relaxation activity. You should be disciplined and know when to start work and when to stop work.

Let the work come first

If you let the game precede the writing process or your work, you may never be able to break from it to write. It may steal your attention. Always let the writing be the ticket or the door to playing the game.

Introduce shorter leisure period in your work period. Your leisure periods should not be long enough to hook you to the fun. You can also separate the two. Do not merge especially when you are addicted to the relaxation activity gameplay. You can set a time or period only for working and a period only for gameplay and no work at wall. Do not waste much time on the game just play for some short period and get back to writing.

When you work first and reward yourself with your favorite recreation, you can really enjoy it. You would not be distracted between work and leisure period. You will not worry that leisure period is taking much of your work period. Even the distraction alone can make you experience the writer’s block.

When you decide to play a game, do not make the game your goal or see that as your achievement. Do not make the video your main goal but just a reward for writing or completing your work in order to encourage yourself. Recognize the main or ultimate goal of writing and do not forget it. Let the writing be a ticket to the reward and not the other way round. Even more reason to let the work activities precede the reward or leisure period.

Consider the game as just a reward to help you generate more words and not your main purpose. Tune your mind into achieving the greater reward or the ultimate purpose- Writing. Instead of winning in the game, win by writing more. This means that you do not have to turn winning in the game into your main achievement. Instead, you should win by writing more. Your main goal should be to write or get ideas to support your content or to write about. If you make the game winning the main goal, it may steal your time.

This means that when you try to reward yourself with a game, as you play the game always remember the game as a reward you are getting for writing. This will psychological help you to generate more words because you make the mind and yourself believe that the more you write the more reward you will get and therefore the more happy you become. You would therefore naturally writing more actually for the immediate reward only to eventually achieve the greater reward or your main as well as ultimate purpose in writing and publishing.

Turn game addiction to advantage.

There are ways in which you can also turn the game addiction to your advantage or let it increase your productivity. Normally we get disappointed when we fail at doing something such as losing in a game.

We start to experience feelings of rejection. You can turn this to an advantage by using the opportunity to attend to your article. When you lose or encounter failure in anything, you would feel the need to prove yourself in another way or to win using another platform. The disappointment could bring you success if you take advantage of it. It is the right time to turn back to your work and win by writing- win by doing what you do best.

Engage in Less Addictive Relaxation Activities.

For any recreational activity that you do to reward yourself or relax with in the writing process, care should be taking so that you do not allow it to steal your time. Do not get addicted to it. You can simply try not to engage in relaxation activities that are capable of stealing your time or you getting addicted such a computer game or a movie. Instead you could try reading a book, or listening to music.

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