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Updated on July 13, 2011

Rosey Delcottoe was a wild child some would say, but more politely and kindly others would mumble she was a free spirit. Yes if there was a party about Rosey was there. If there was an exhilarating activity to do Rosey did it! She frequented the local watering wholes and was often at a loss for celebrating too much. But still Rosey was a kind heart and always friendly to anyone she would meet. Gracious enough to practically offer the shirt of her back. Her gold incisor tooth was a swanky fashion statement when she was younger, but now she was in her forties it did look a little tacky. None the less Rosey was a striking woman, and stood out in a crowd. Rosey always had long wavy black hair to the middle of her back. She wore her hair loose and parted down the middle. With an olive complexion Rosey looked very much European, with almond shaped eyes an average pointy nose and beautiful heart shaped lips. She was always a stunning good looking gal.

Rosey was well known in town not only because of her beauty or charming personality, but because her family was famous for running several restaurants in the surrounding towns. Everyone in the Delcottoe family was hard working and very pleasant people.

This fourth of July was a special celebration for Rosey and her family; because this was the anniversary of Rosey being cancer free from having breast cancer five years earlier. Rosey had everything to live for with having four grown children and already three grandchildren.

It was a family barbecue and the cake made to celebrate America’s birthday included a written happy anniversary wish to Rosey for being cancer free. It seemed like everyone was there in the family as well as many close friends of the Delcottoe family.

As the festivities progressed the DJ that was hired seemed to raise the volume of the music to get everyone to start dancing. Dancing did start by everyone in the crowd and before you could shake a stick it was time and dark enough for the private fire works to begin.

All the children had sparklers and some were very creative in using them. They had hired professional fire works artist to provide the show on the private beach front property the Delcottoe family owned. Everyone settled down to watch the show. It was spectacular!

After the finally of the fire works came to a halt and everyone went home, that is everyone but the staff and the Delcottoe family who made sure they cleaned up after the party. Well there was one person in the family that didn’t help because he drank too much and that was Rosey’s husband Marcello. Luckily he and Rosey’s beach house wasn’t far from the party area and they both finally made it home safely because it was only a short walk down the beach. Although it was evident that Marcello had not grown past his wild side either.

The next morning was a bright and sunny one and Marcello was still crashed on the sofa about half past ten. Rosey tried to wake him because they had plans to take the oldest of the grandchildren William for a kayak ride down the near river with his friend Spencer.

It wasn’t until twelve thirty when Marcello awoke with what you would call your typical hang over. Hang over or not Marcello was the type of person that could muddle through anything and before Spencer arrived at their home Marcello was dressed and ready to go.

Marcello who was called Marty for short was a stout man who had just recently lost about ten pounds by the request of his doctor being concerned about his health. Marty had bright white hair and also an olive complexion. He wore usually stylish glasses but for kayaking today he put on a metal rimmed old pair. Both Rosey and Marty were dressed in bathing suits and both wore “fight for a cure” t shirts that they gave out at the 4th of July bash the night before. Marty’s bathing suit clashed greatly with the pink t-shirt where as his trunks were a black, green, and navy blue Hawaiian print. Both wore flip flops, Marty’s were black and Rosey’s were a matching pink to her t-shirt.

William answered the door when Spencer arrived. Both boys almost were dressed like twins with black t-shirts and kaki bathing suit trunks. They both had on black water shoes but that is where the twin look stopped because the boys appearance was toatally different.

William was an extremely tall boy already six foot four in height. He was slim to say the least with dark curly black hair and a pugged nose. The stunning thing that shown out on William besides his height was his sea blue eyes against his olive tanned skin. In contrast Spencer was short, and an average framed boy with sandy blonde straight hair almost cut like he had a bowl put over his head as a guide. Spencer also had a tan but it was in a different bronze hue from the olive skin of Rosey’s family. Spencer’s pointed nose also sported many large freckles which stood out like a sore thumb now that the sun had brought them out.

It was time to leave now for the place where they would be renting out the kayaks called “FLOAT YOUR BOAT”. At “Float Your Boat” their reserved kayaks and ride to the upper river was waiting for them and all four adventurers were at the spot getting their final instruction on how to maneuver the kayaks. William and Spencer had no problems with theirs, they had done this before. But Marty and Rosey fumbled even getting theirs into the water. Well maybe fumbled was too giving of a word, both practically fell into the water before they even set a foot towards their kayaks.

Now everyone wore a helmet which made it even more clumsy for Marty and Rosey. Spencer and William were waiting just outside the rapids for Marty and Rosey to get on their way. Than it happened! Marty lost his glasses! And everyone came to the rescue in the shallow water to search for them, and that is when the even worst thing happened! Marty than lost his wedding ring in the water too! What a fiasco! It was evident after a while that with out Marty’s glasses he couldn’t see where he was going so the excursion was over for Marty and Rosey! However they did let William and Spencer finally venture on with out them. What a day! To top it all off it officially was Marty’s birthday! What a way to celebrate your birthday with loosing your glasses and on top of that your wedding ring!

Well readers I wish I had a happy ending to this story, but there really isn’t one except William and Spencer did make it safely back to the “Float Your Boat” location and did enjoy their kayaking.

Today years later Marty has replaced his wedding ring and has new glasses of course. However Marty and Rosey have never attempted the kayak thing again.

All though Rosey was once that wild child , both Marty and she have calmed down a bit. No more wild parties and drinking too much.

They now have six more grandchildren but limit what they do with them to home body things or let the children experience the wilder things on their own.

Even wild child’s have to grow up and calm down at some point.

Which is a good thing for now if you visit one of the Delcottoe family restaurants you will still have a chance to meet Rosey and Marty working there and they now live very happily quite lives with their wonderful family.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv




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