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Rain: A Poem

Updated on February 21, 2022

Rain, Why do you continue to fall down? Just like the tears that fall from my eyes without stopping, washing my face with shame, sadness and unforgiveably. I am no more able to stop you than I am the tears. They burn and sting, out of control, like the life I find myself in.

Your cloudiness and thunder followed by strikes of lighting, reflect the sadness, anger and retaliation I want to release on those who have hurt me. Your large wet puddles, reflective of the puddles of my life that I too freely gave and now am watching melt down into nothing.

The darknees you produce so early in the morning pales compared to the darkness in my soul. It envelopes me like the warm blanket I try to hide under, while listening to your sad pitter-patter on my window. How did you know I needed company? Someone who feels as dark and lost as I do.

I peek out the window, looking for that silver lining that everyone says a cloud has. You forgot to paint yours, who knows, maybe you lost your brush. I feel I'm losing my mind. Your teardrops pour harder, banging against my window payne, begging to come in and share my sadness. AHHH but I know you too well, misery loves company.

I take another look out the window, then the weather report. Your going to be around for at least a few days. I can't stay in bed that long. I drag myself out and look in the mirror at the stranger staring back at me , shes not like me ...she likes your darkness. the feeling of security your rage and anger instill in her. That's not me...I hope.

I drag my self to the bath, a long, nice, hot one. Sinking below the bubbles, I poke them with my fingers. They burst, alot like the dreams I used to have that burst in my face, leaving nothing but a puddle, like the ones you are leaving that that beckon to me. I slowly pull on some clothes that I hope will erase the dreariness.

It doesn't work. I trudge to to my computer and sit down to write a tribute to you, my friend, my only friend. I open the window while I type, the raindrops fall, just like my tears, as I share my feelings of hopelessness and despair, with you my friend who seems to know my moods and come at just the right time to comfort me.


Six years later

My husband has been home 6 years now so my days are filled with sunshine but I'll never forget those rainy days.

Have you ever suffered form major depression?

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