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Bleached Paper Light

Updated on November 3, 2016

I discover myself running at moderately motion language, running toward the mountaintops and busy street all at one and apprehend that she could be home in literally, both worlds! Why must she route toward the sun? A sun that I feel has been concealed from so many moons of echo and tear. She lingers to hold my stare into the bleached out light, holding an extraordinary phenomenon of the temperament from her own dancing sentiment, wondering if it could persist outside my blinded reliance! Um, it’s warmth; life’s cordiality scholarships out such an alluring enticement toward the clip that dangles its forgiving exquisiteness. She withers away on not an element more than knees at heart. Humbled by life-cycle's everlasting pull for a golden road; her unique road to pave. I rise once more and adopt to jazz within this flicker! Bleached paper light, embrace durable as I tear through your memorial, for chaos has never replicated her journey! I elevate! I run and I am, for I have always stood!


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