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Rambo Squib, Society Trendsetter

Updated on August 17, 2010
Rambo Squib, Society Trendsetter, rickzimmerman 2010
Rambo Squib, Society Trendsetter, rickzimmerman 2010

And, now . . . Presenting!: Rambo Squib, Society Trendsetter!

Yes, after the likes of Heidi & Tim & Stacy & Clinton and all those guys with eyes for the straight guy, along comes Rambo Squib. After all, whose hairdo was the inspiration for the Bird Cage Stadium of Beijing’s 2008 Olympics? Yup, Rambo’s.

He’s also the trendsetter behind half-herringbone pants, quadrille socks, and those stiletto-point patent pumps that are all the rage. He appears here wearing his latest pull-over half-sleeve smock top with four fake pin buttons sloping down the torso (they elegantly and understatedly continue and reflect the visual theme of his piercingly beady eyes).

It’s only natural that Sir Squib should become today’s leading fashion maven — Isaac Mizrahi is so last decade! — for art and style run deep through his heritage. Rambo’s father was a groundbreaking industrial mime and his mother staged sold-out performances of tantric clog-dancing accompanied by accordion solos.

Rambo would have you know that the he decrees the fashion colors of this coming spring to be Rambo Off-Off-White (a sort of Devon cream-y ivory, partway between ecru and parchment, with just a dash of vanilla lace), Crunchy Cheetos Cadmium Orange, and Possum-Rectum Pink.


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