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Rape the Rope

Updated on November 6, 2016

Hang her upon this shrub, let her dangle until sexuality has nothing left to contest for. Feeling as though I could be her for the better part of a continuing world, she sways…swing, um the arched lady shrieks outward toward a most hellish, dim sky. Um, legs of necessities; fruit ripe as virginity itself had never been created. We stand, I stand beneath her ripened harvest. Look up! The sun is aroused, children of the plummeting garden! Hang upon her creation, death, perfume, emotion, mirth and she is here. I am here, intensify within my grey afterlife! Legs wide open, sun glistening as an eruption sweltering. I will forever rape the rope which has pushed her into death. Daddy, where art thou? For the rope was far too constricted.


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    • ScarlettElizabeth profile image

      Scarlett Elizabeth Amburgey 16 months ago from Kentucky

      Thank-you very much!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 16 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Wow, this is quite a poem. Very descriptive and well written.