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Gonnateachyahow: Reading Marvel Comics for Free on your Ipod/Android or Computer

Updated on November 4, 2014
Free Comics from Marvel
Free Comics from Marvel

by J.C. Delfino III

Marvel Comics has a terrific tool out for those comic lovers who just want to sit down and read an issue. Every couple weeks Marvel adds a comic or two to their free comics, unfortunately comics do disappear from the list. You might think that it is limited in what is available but it isn't, older comics become available when others come off and if you "buy" the free ones, they stay in your collection. I have built a collection of over 100 titles purchasing them free on my ipod, android or over the Internet at

On Marvel.Com

Marvel.Com is the perfect place to get started, find their digital comics section and join up for a free account. You can click the "FREE" link to access 10-20 free comics, I would suggest "buying" them they may disappear if you don't but once you buy them they are always linked to your account. Free comics today may cost 1.99 or more next week.

Check back weekly if you can because the line up does change. You will notice quite a few promo issues which are good to look at if you want to get an idea about a series. Regular issues come and go, and may be classic titles from the 1960s to today. I have managed to get #1 issues of Daredevil, Fantastic Four and others from the Silver Age of Comics, these are not comics you are going to find in comic boxes at your local comic shops, although they have been reprinted often but "Free" is always nice.

On Your Ipod/Iphone or Android

Once you have your account set up you can download the free apps for Apple or Androids to take your comics on the road. Comics you purchase, free or paid, on your computer, Ipod, or android are all transferable and linked to one account. When you log into the app you will have the option to look at your comics and any you purchased on will be available to view on your portable device.

The Apple View, Android very similar.
The Apple View, Android very similar.

Viewing Comics and Buying More

On the screen above you noticed that those comics have a "Read" tab, comics that you do not own will have a price. I.E. "Free", 1.99, 3.99 etc. If it states read, it is stored on your device, if it says download, it is stored on Marvel's Cloud and will need to be downloaded onto your device before you can read it.

My Comics

When you download a comic it is ready for reading, and the "New" Status will show you the comics you have not read before. The Edit gives you the option to delete the comic off of your device but it stays in the cloud if you should want to reread it later. Clicking on the comic will open up the screen and you can begin reading your comics on your portable device.

Reading Made Easy

Although you have the option to view the full page before or after reading the panels the software walks you though the panels with pretty smooth flow, making sometimes difficult panel design a thing of the past, no more guessing do you need to read up down to the right or in a circle, it does the work for you.

Comic Book Reading Made Easy and Cheap

So as you can see Marvel Comic has made comic book reading cheap and easy, although it does have it's draw backs. You won't get to complete sets for free, it just doesn't happen, Marvel is in business to make money, so they are throwing you an issue here and there to check out to see if you like the series, a try before you buy. Key issues happen but rarely, if you want the into of a character you are probably going to have to buy it along with the hot popular stuff right now, digital or print it's going to cost you, the good news is they don't sell out, if you missed it in the shops you can get it online, so this is comics for the fans not the die hard collectors, you don't have to worry about damaging a book or sealing it away forever without reading it. This brings the fun back to comics.


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