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Reading, Writing and Everything In-between

Updated on May 16, 2017

Reading Is Your Best Friend

Reading in general is an awesome thing, like many people say, 'It's like TV in your head.' Sometimes I get so caught up in a book that I've lost all track of time. One can say they would only read for thirty minutes, and end up reading for five hours straight. Reading is very important though, you're exposed to a vast amount of words and thousands of writing styles which can help you develop your writing in the long run.

A reader is someone who can educate themselves on anything, they have a natural drive to learn and experience more in life. You can build up plenty of ideas in your mind by reading books, the key here is 'inspiration'. That very word can help fuel you to your writing goals especially.

Now how about we talk about writing and why you will love the experience.

Make Money

There's ways to make cash off your writing passions and abilities, you just need to know how to work at it and keep people interested in your content. You must realize that writing has its advantages like giving you your freedom of creation and imagination. However, there are setbacks of writing and these can cause people to shy away from the writing business entirely.

The sure way to get started on your money making journey in writing is to first off write articles like heck! You could write for blogs or magazines, it's a great start. These starting points are perfect because magazines, blogs and websites are craving the content from writers, every word that comes from you will be their very lifeline.

Hubpages is also a great site to start making a little pocket money as you develop your writing skills! Check the link below to sign up today.

Writing Makes You Feel Awesome

Writing is good for you, believe it or not. There's a whole load of psychological benefits for you in writing. It's more than just putting a pen to paper or typing a few words on the keyboard you know. Writing is a great way to capture one's feelings and expressions on paper, and those expressions can help increase your happiness and promote good well-being, so this is a great therapeutic method.

Writing on a regular basis also boosts your self-esteem when you've written a good piece. Nothing like a hard day's work and the feeling of being accomplished!

Find Your Inspiration

Finding inspiration can at times be very easy to accomplish, just taking a stroll outdoors or watching a movie can help activate your imagination to write something. However, there are times when you can acquire the dreaded writer's block. To keep that from happening, you should always keep thinking and writing gears in your head well-heeled by either always doing little regular writing or maybe just reviewing a good book.

Prompting ideas in your creative writing is good as well, always try to map out a small story every day on paper and compare each sets of writing and see how you improve over time. You would be surprised of your results!

Powerful and Well Written

Writing well is a wonderful skill that should be adapted as well as writing powerfully. You may ask, how does one write powerfully? Well it's simple, just take everything you've learned about writing, and throw it out the window. Wait what? Yes you heard me, get rid of it and prepare to get taught.

Firstly, being able to write with power is more than having a good grammatical structure. Sometimes you could skip the whole grammar building and jump to the good stuff like picking a writing style. Most importantly, don't over complicate the process. You don't need a massive amount of fancy or sophisticated words to make your writing pop, you just need to keep it simple and straight to the point.

To have powerful and amazing writing, it needs to be something that won't hurt people's eyes to read it. Readable content is the best content, I always say. Don't stress yourself out over how to make your work readable now, it's a no brainer really. Review your work to verify that it is in good grammatical standpoint, whereas it sounds correct but not necessarily grammatically correct in structure.

Powerful writing should be able to link up well with a piece, all words and sections should interlock and correlate with one another, like a good piece of music; it all comes together to make a sweet tune.


In closing, reading and writing should be something you enjoy and play around with a bit, see what you like and dislike. Know where your interests lie and what things put you off. Treat reading and writing not like strangers but beloved friends. When you go hand in hand with them, it will be a smoother ride.


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