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Reality Bites Me On Independence Day

Updated on March 21, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

This Is The Real America; The Complete Definition

America was founded through immigrants not a purity race or religion. Learn that and we can work together then.
America was founded through immigrants not a purity race or religion. Learn that and we can work together then. | Source

Wake Up America

I wrote this a year ago, and I felt like today, I wanted to write an introduction to this long poem. This was how I felt about this time last year at Independence Day, and at this one-year juncture, not a lot has changed in my mind.

Unfortunately, if anything, it has gotten worse with the latest Presidential election pulling near and the two disappointing candidates in which we are going to be forced to choose between. The only thing they really have in common is the premise to gain power to feed their egos. Other than that, Hillary knows the issues' people in America faces and will meekly do an alright job if she is elected, and as for Donald Trump, he knows nothing, nada, zilch, about issues we face here. He has always been sheltered since birth and is running his whole campaign by promoting hate. The worst part is, people are buying into it, or they just don't want to go against their Republican party. Whatever their real reason, I think I would ditch that thought if it was for the safety of America. We need to face up to these issues and be logical as we go on forward into this year and the future. Trump will inevitably bring Armageddon on us. That is the most obvious fact that all should see.

So, as it stands this hub is still valid in the points it states and what I wanted to bring into focus. With this added agenda to find a way to help our America become, not great again, but great period. We need to wake up and find solutions to problems that will not go away by sweeping them under the rug and declaring a hate war. It's 2016, time for common sense to show up and then work at correcting dangerous obstacles that want to kill us. We should not feed into that destruction. It is time to stop the nonsense.

America the ?

Dear God, Can I just be

joyful today to enjoy the

fireworks on this

Independence Day?

Shouldn’t I be glad

to be here filled with

thoughtful glee and


With so many different

Norman Rockwell scenes

to feel proud of living the

American dream.


A parade through a

small-town street with

happy faces; military

suits, and one-hand


The backyard barbecues

with family around;

bushels of beer a pig

in the ground.

The aroma itself should

make my heart sing with

all the warm blessings

this day brings.

Our president will speak

about the importance of

the day, and no doubt most

will feel that American pride

welling up inside, to know

that they live in this land of

free a superb feeling of



As for me, I feel all alone.

The celebration is part of

a past I used to belong.

I do not feel this pride

anymore. Please do not

scorn me for this world

around me has grabbed

my attention.There are so

many cruelties and



Excuse me if I don’t

celebrate, but there is

a baby dying right now

in the middle east; an Isis

brigade mutilating humanity

simply because of an

undying faith in Christianity.

So, can you please help

me grab back that

sense of savor...

not to feel guilty of my

life of favor?

I want to reside here

today in heart and spirit.

To feel grandeur and

happiness on this

Independence Day.

© 2015 Missy Smith


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