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Reality Set In

Updated on September 20, 2016
Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives everyday by sharing her joy and love of life.


When Reality Sets In

The early passion of new romance, of love is often blinding. We see the beauty we seek and we believe we will finally achieve fulfillment.

Most new situations in life, be they romantic, career related, or with family or friends, are often shrouded in a veil of beauty of our own creation. A new friendship seems to fulfill exactly what we have been seeking. A new job seems to offer the exact challenges and opportunity we desire. We cast this image of perfection before us, blind to reality. We choose to see the new situation as exactly perfect, and exactly what we were searching for. We choose to overlook the difficulties and shortcomings in exchange for our perception of perfection.

Reality sets in with the passing of time. The bloom fades off the rose. The daily grind of going to the same job, the drudgery of washing the same laundry, the stress of dealing with the same problems, resentments, fears and frustrations: these are the realities that set in over time, tarnishing the perfection of our vision.

In these moments, when reality sets in, we can choose differently. When reality sets in, we often protect ourselves and withdraw into isolation. Instead, we can trust that we are exactly where we need to be at the moment, and let go of fear.

It is not always easy to return to a peaceful mind, when reality sets in. Our hurt, our fear and our anger replace the vision of perfection we have created. We forget that we have a choice, and in any moment, we are free to choose peace. We can always choose again.

The following poem describes what happens when reality sets in.

Namaste, friends

Reality Sets In

The spirit soars

then walks,

when reality sets in.

Passion burns

now frozen,

when reality sets in.

Hearts collide

then fracture,

when reality sets in.

Legs entwined

cross rigidly,

when reality sets in.

Lips mingle

jaws clench,

when reality sets in.

Joined together

now alone,

when reality sets in.


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    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      Reality! Your words painted it well! And sometimes we wish reality would go away!

      Great poem.



    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 7 years ago

      Ah, reality, I also wrote a poem about "Reality." Love the poem, Great Job!


    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      Love the poem, not sure about the reality sentiment yet, but will keep thinking on it and come back if I find out :)

    • profile image

      stephane86 8 years ago

      Your poem is really beautiful because it shows a progression in our feelings and our experience of reality. I like the picture a whole lot too. Great job!


    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 8 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks Micky for stopping by.

      And thank you Dabarshi also.


    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Frickin' reality!

    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 8 years ago from Calcutta

      So, what do you think about reality?

      A cool poem! Thanks

    • profile image

      tlmntim9 8 years ago

      Wow. you read my life history! Ha Ha

      very good, concise, to the point and poetic. great Job!

      Tim W

    • Aley Martin profile image

      Alice Lee Martin 8 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA

      Wonderful Deb! And boy does reality set in too much sometimes!