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Reality and Media : Rohingya..Forgotten people

Updated on February 28, 2014

Reality :

His city cleansed and burned,

Ashes ,


Fragility ,


Erected as the pillars of the Parthenon

Withstanding the test of time



Turn the page !

Look at those images


In the corner,

They are splendid ,aren't they?:

A rock star in a French kiss with a Mis Beauty Queen

A Gulf prince sits with Twilight’s heroine


Splendid life ,but from another planet

Smidgen from a fairy tale

Snippet from a Playboy

Scene from a la la land

Three dimension technique

To fully brainwash the masses

And deceive even the devil

Turn the page back


His family ,bonny short members ,that was once on the ground walking lively,

Carrying jars of water and bunch of woods to keep their flesh warm and fresh , bones stronger than steel

Now ghosts they become after the collateral hate damage

Wandering, trudging

Waiting God’s hands to take revenge.

Media :

Irrelevant !!


Not at all,Forsaken,accidentally-on-purpose

in your outlet,

Hunted they are ,



In South Asia,

By Buddhist gangs

Their skin no longer tanned or up-to-date – birch white

They dress up

They dope up

They fuse in transparency

In nothingness





Stay on the same page,

Zoom it till it occupies the room and read it dozen !


The smashed fragments of the skulls atop the dirt,

The sharpened bamboo which used to beat victims of the collateral hate damage to the ground

Before drowning their still-twitching bodies in gasoline and setting fire to them alive.

A disgrace ,

A shame on the humanity ‘s forehead

Feel the trauma,

The shivering of their legs

The beauty of their shady skins and religious rituals

Which are debauched .

Feel the trauma,

Feel the shame

Twenty first century

Still gun machine

The current currency

Reaping souls

And burning green grass-growing of peace among ethnics

Try to steal a moment out of your busy schedule

To write on buses, walls,

The conflagration

Of their fleshy counterparts,

They wreak of death

Of smoke and vapor

The wretch of Security Council;

A quick short assembly ,condemns and rushes

To go nowhere – fast

They can’t see the red spot

But you can

When you wear the neutrality as a uniform .


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