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Reckless by Cornelia Funke

Updated on March 18, 2015


Ever since Jacob found the mirror in his dead father’s study, he has been using it to escape from his world into the Mirrorworld. It is almost like our world, just a bit behind in technological advancements, magic that still runs rampant, and stone skinned Goyl. All goes well for 12 years, until his younger brother, Will follows him and is attacked by a Goyl. As the curse begins to spread through Will’s body, Jacob desperately tries to find a cure as he cannot lose his brother after losing both his parents. When Jacob, Will and Fox, a shape shifting vixen start their journey to find a cure, Will calls his girlfriend, Clara, telling her he is fine, but she goes to his house and finds the mirror and follows him through the Mirrorworld, despite Jacob’s disapproval.

Jacob tries everything to save his younger brother, but when nothing works, he decides to go to the Red Fairy because she is the Dark Fairy’s sister, whose curse had created the Goyl in the first place. Dark Fairy is the Goyl king, Kami’en’s lover. In spite of Fox’s dissatisfaction, he goes to the Red Fairy with the help of a treacherous dwarf. Meanwhile the stone in Will’s skin is growing, which not only hurts him, but Clara too, as he starts to forget everything.

The stone in Will’s skin is jade, and jade Goyl is legendary among them, as their king’s protector. So, Jacob has to not only find a cure, but protect Will from the Goyl. As his quest continues, more complications are added when the Goyl kidnap Will and he finally turns Goyl.


Cornelia Funke seriously makes you reconsider the idea of a fairytale that you have in your mind. This fairytale is full of dark creatures like the Tailor and Goyl, to give you chills. There are other commonly known fairytale characters like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel (child eating witches) and Sleeping Beauty (still asleep because her prince never came). This dark magical world has its political affairs, constant wars between the Goyl and humans and feeble attempts to make negotiations. The story is told from the perspectives of Jacob, Will, Clara, Fox and the the Goyl. Cornelia Funke did a wonderful job creating the Mirrorworld and all the creatures. I loved the book a lot though the only complaint is that the characters and their feelings should have been explained thoroughly. I could not connect to any of the characters properly, and it can get a bit confusing at times, but despite this, I loved the book enormously. I loved the way they would encounter new and scary creatures in the most startling ways during their journey to find a cure. Cornelia Funke has changed the definition of fairytales. Everyone must read this book and I hope you will be as anticipated as I was while reading it, and you would love it too.

Do you wonder how the Goyl look like? Or the Tailor? Do you want to know more about the world behind the mirror?

Check out this awesome site. These pictures would definitely give you the chills.

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You can try out the dark and thrilling fairytale

3 stars for Reckless


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