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Recognition and Fame

Updated on April 28, 2016

Writings make a writer. Paintings make a painter. Photographs make a photographer. Inventions make an inventor. The doings constitute the doer. The works comprise the worker. The doings that magnetize recognition. The works that magnetize fame.

Recognition is a rewarding result. Fame is a fulfilling outcome. However, the passage to them is made up of setbacks. The track to them is made up of obstructions. Setbacks that the doer needs to surpass. Obstructions that the worker needs to overcome. The doer, whose potency, is its doings. The worker, whose might, is its works. When the doings outpower the setbacks, the doings obtain recognition. When the works disempower the obstructions, the works acquire fame. The doer is recognized. The worker is famed. Consequently, the recognized doer continues doing. Accordingly, the famed worker continues working. Amid the sphere of recognition, the recognized doer’s doings are promptly recognized, for the doer itself is already recognized. Amid the sphere of fame, the famed worker’s works are instantly famed, for the worker itself is already famed. A recognized writer makes recognized writings. A recognized painter makes recognized paintings. A famed photographer makes famed photographs. A famed inventor makes famed inventions. Recognition, the doings give to the doer, and the doer gives back to the doings. Fame, the works give to the worker, and the worker gives back to the works.

Recognition, processes reciprocity, between the doings and the doer. Fame, processes requital, between the works and the worker.

Recognition and Fame

Ae Clane


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