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Romance Novels For Young Adults: Find A Book To Read On The Beach

Updated on September 15, 2016

As a teen, I sometimes read romance novels, such as the monthly selections from Harlequin, but I found teen novels not as interesting. In seventh grade, I was already reading novels like Dances With Wolves in seventh grade, although my teachers thought I should be perusing Judy Blume novels instead. When it comes to recommending romance novels for young adults, I would suggest on doing this on a case by case basis. My number one pet peeve consists of parents who censor reading material and television programs for their teens. Teens are just going to want to figure out what all the fuss is about, and might even come to regard you as somewhat of a mini dictator in the process. If you are a parent who objects to your kids reading certain types of books, and I seriously suggest you should back off a bit. It is far more preferable to have your children reading at home than to go out to parties experimenting with more daring activities. Reading is just that, exploring a fantasy world that is not always true to life. Some religious publications argue that young people should only read sanctioned romance novels, but that seems a bit limiting in my mind. I say let your children go to the library and pick out the books they like to read. If they want to read a few romance novels, let them do this as long as they are picking out books on other subjects like science, history, and biographies.

Set rules about when teens can read fun books, and explain to them that whereas you may not agree with their reading choices, it up to them to decide what they like to read. Besides, part of learning how to read is figuring out what you like as an individual, and it is almost guaranteed kids will sneak out of the house to check out or purchase clandestine books if you forbid this. Do you really want to be that narrow minded book banner other teens smirk at? I remember how my friends and I all giggled at the mom that had to read a Sweet Valley Teens novel I gave her because of "objectionable material," which consisted of the twin Jessica lying about being fourteen so she could date an older boy. The book actually taught a lesson about how lying is wrong, but this went completely over the head of the overprotective parent. I say not, so let your teen figure out what types of books they might like to read.

The Harlequin Teen Series

Harelquin is the Canadian publishing company that is well known for their entertaining monthly reading selections. Now they have launched series of books that are geared teens called Harelquin Teen series.

I did not grow up in a household where reading selections where censored by parents, but this appears to be a suitable genre for guardians who are worried about their teens reading books that are too risque. Taking a look at their site it is easy to see that the current selections are modern, relevant, and not just centered around romance. The novel Tagged almost sounds like a modern Nancy Drew, which might be interesting for teens to check out.

The Twilight Series

Initially I was just not interested in reading the Twilight Series, but now that I started reading it I can see why it appeals to many women of all ages.. Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Eclipse, and New Moon chronicle the romance between the teen Bella and the vampire Edward. My point of view is that anything that keeps teens reading must be pretty good, even if I do not understand the current popularity in stories about vampires. Movies about vampires are best blockbusters at the moment, and you know something is here to stay if teen girls are lining up around the theater and down the street to see the latest movie versions of Stephanie Myer's novels on the silver screen.

Teens love the romance between Bella and Edward, and anything that will encourage them to spend more time in their rooms reading cannot be all bad, can it? When your teen is reading you can catch up on cleaning the house, or finally get around to some of those books collecting dust on the shelf.


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