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Red Hood and The Outlaws Part of DC's New 52

Updated on August 27, 2014
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History of the Red Hood and the Outlaws

Red Hood is the leader of his antihero group known as the outlaws. Red Hood's secret identity is Jason Todd. Jason Todd was the second person to take up the mantle of Robin (first being Dick Grayson, who is now Nightwing).

He was killed in the story arc "Batman: A Death in the family" in the late 80's, of which readers influenced the story by voting via a 900 number. In "Batman: A Death in the Family", Jason Todd is killed by the Joker, but later to be resurrected via the Lazarus pits by Ra's Al Ghul. After being resurrected Jason Todd came back as the antihero Red Hood (which the Joker used to go by and is a gang as well).

As the red hood he was not afraid to kill and due to the Lazarus pits he is also mentally unstable some as well. Over time the Red Hood has butted heads with Batman and the rest of the batfamily (all previous Robin's, Catwoman, Black bat and more). Him and batman have often been in conflict due to batman not being able to save him and also not killing the Joker for what he did to Jason (which he thinks should happen). He has also come to the aid of batman recently on occasion and during the story line of Red Hood and the Outlaws is trying to redeem himself.

Since being exiled from Gotham, he has trained with the All Caste, an ancient supernatural group of warrior monks. In addition to that he was trained by batman, and is very proficient with the use of firearms.

Roy Harper is another member of the Outlaws. He has had a difficult past as well. He started out as the sidekick of Green Arrow as speedy. As time went on and he got older he also took up the identity of Red Arrow, but also that of Arsenal. Roy Harper has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. His alcoholics anonymous sponsor is even Killer Croc, which is shown in early issues of the Red Hood and the Outlaws.

He has often butted heads with his mentor Green Arrow. He has even had his arm cut off by the villain Prometheus, (and thus became Arsenal with a robotic arm). Roy, like Green Arrow uses martial arts as well as a bow with number of trick arrows, and other weaponry. He has also been a part of the Teen Titans as well.

Starfire is the third and final member of the Outlaws. Starfire's real name is Koriand'r and she is from the planet Tamaran. She is a princess of Tamaran as well but depending on which story line you follow was cast down (or sold into slavery) by her evil sister and eventually escaped and ended up on Earth. Like Superman Starfire is able to absorb solar radiation from the sun and give her powers as well.

She is able to fly, has superhuman strength, can fire beams/blasts (energy projection) out of her hands and eyes, survive in the vacuum of space, is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and can assimilate languages via touch. In the new 52 especially she is shown as very sexually liberated and often scantily clad (especially in the new 52). She has been a part of the Teen Titans as well. She also had a brief but rocky relationship (and came close to marriage) of Dick Grayson (the first Robin/Nightwing).

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: REDemption

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: REDemption (The New 52)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: REDemption (The New 52)
The first volume featuring Red Hood and the Outlaws #1-7, details the team forming up and investigating the All Caste.

The story of the Red Hood and the Outlaws

After being exiled from Gotham, Red Hood accidentally comes across Starfire's home base (which was the spaceship she used to escape Tamaran). Soon after they break Arsenal from a middle eastern prison.

In one of the early issues of the Red Hood and the Outlaws he also comes across one of batman/nightwing's outfits (in Starfire's base), which is a batsuit with a red bat symbol on the chest. Jason wears the batsuit not only to redeem himself but at the same time to stick it to the Batman.

Soon after Jason learns that the All Caste have been killed and are turned into zombies by the Untitled. Jason and the team goes to the headquarters to investigate.

While there is much more to the story as you read on, I don't want to spoil too much. Over the course of the series (so far at least as it is an ongoing series), the team helps out batman, comes across Crux (similar to Killer Kroc if he had wings) and has appearances by Green Arrow, Ra's Al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, Cheshire, Mr. Freeze among many others.

The team also travels back to Starfire's home world of Tamaran to help her people in an intergalatic war and also comes across her sister Blackfire (who in other comics and tv appearances has been her evil sister). They also fight an evil supernatural group called the untitled and an exiled All Caste member that goes by the name Essence.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2: The Starfire (The New 52)

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2: The Starfire (The New 52)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2: The Starfire (The New 52)
Featuring Red Hood and the Outlaws #8-14, these issues crossoever into the Night of Owls DC crossoever event, as well as spending time detailing the galatic struggle between Starfire and her sister Blackfire.

Batman: Under the Red Hood - Trailer

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood [Blu-ray]
Batman: Under the Red Hood [Blu-ray]
An animated movies covering the history of the Red Hood, Batman and the Joker. Has the voice talents of Bruce Greenwood as well as Jensen Ackles.

Other comic books and more to look into

All three members of the Outlaws have a rich backstory across many comic titles and even television shows as well. I would recommend getting "Under the Red Hood" the animated movie on blu ray but also checking out the comic book as well which goes by "Batman: Under the Hood". A death in the family is also a good comic book series as well, as it details the death of Jason Todd.

Starfire and Arsenal/Red Arrow have long been members of Teen Titans as well, those comic books are worth checking out as well. There have also been two Teen Titan's television series (without Roy Harper in them though), but it does have Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg in them.

One of the series is more serious (Teen Titans) and the one to debut recently is more comical/comedic in nature (Teen Titans Go!). Green Arrow comics, especially older ones will have a lot of background on Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow as well. Night of the Owls is a DC crossover event that crosses over with the Red Hood and the Outlaws and is definitely worth checking out.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52)

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52)
This volume contains Red Hood and the Outlaws #0, #15-18; Teen Titans vol. 4 #16, Batman vol. 2 #17, and goes into the DC crossoever event "Death of the Family" featuring the whole batfamily.

Favorite member of the Outlaws

Who is your favorite member

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Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 4: League of Assasins (The New 52)

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 4: League of Assassins (The New 52)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 4: League of Assassins (The New 52)
Featuring Red Hood and the Outlaws #19-25, Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1, details the aftermath of Death of the Family and features Hugo Strange as well as the League of Assassins (and Jason Todd taking over leadership for a brief while)

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 5 (The New 52)

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 5: The Big Picture (The New 52)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 5: The Big Picture (The New 52)
Red hood versus Ra's Al Ghul and his league of Assassins. Has Red Hood and the Outlaws #25-31 and Batman and Robin #23.3


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