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Reflecting on Human Trafficking with Jake Kaminiski

Updated on August 23, 2019
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I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Fowler, who is claiming to be the Messiah. Jesus Christ. The Son of the Living God.

Interview with Jake Kaminiski

Can you tell me a little about the plot of your book, Shadow Wolves?

Shadow Wolves is basically a story centered around drug trafficking and human trafficking on the Mexican border. These “shadow wolves” are a group of Native American trackers in Arizona who make it their life’s mission to help those involved in trouble on the Mexican border. The characters are what really make the characters come to life.

What kinds of characters do you have in your story?

There is quite a variety of members, as there is an undertone of political commentary regarding the differences between Native Americans and white men. The main character’s name is Ethan Crowe and he is a Lakota- Sioux with some white ancestry. He befriends two likeable Apache women who are central to the plot.

I see. How do these Apache women contribute to the plot?

They are brave and tuned into their surroundings. They have their own personalities and I’ve gotten great feedback from my readers in terms of how they’ve effectively contributed to the story when it comes to the shadow wolves.

Is this book based on real life?

Although my book is a work of fiction, there really are “shadow wolves” out there who help with drug trafficking and human trafficking. There are so many secrets that they have when it comes to tracking cartels. I first met my first shadow wolves overseas to track terrorists. There’s a science to it. They can see signs of someone’s passing by merely looking at the grass and rocks. These tips have been passed on for hundreds of years.

Is this what the military does?

As a retired police lieutenant, I’ve talked to other individuals that are trackers in the military and they can’t do what these “shadow wolves” do. the problem on the border is so bad. Story is relevant to headlines.

What other political statements are you trying to say with this book?

Many Americans don’t know this, but many Native Americans have self-proclaimed militias. Although people tend to think of white Americans and Native Americans as distant towards each other, Native Americans actually have had the highest percentage in our armed forces since World War II. Despite getting a raw deal from our end, they’ve actually been getting together for many years to help solve American problems, such as issues on the Mexican border. Getting together so many years later to solve this problem.

I heard you have a TV show that’s set to come out on Oxygen. Can you tell me anything about that and how it intersects with your book?

Sure! I’ve been part of developing a show called Cold Case Squad. I worked with my writing partner Joe to revisit cold cases with the help of other undercover cops, superstar detectives- the best of the best homicide detectives in the country that are just retired but at their prime. We’re getting ready to start filming very soon. I didn’t intend for the release of my book and our show to come out at roughly the same time but that’s how it’s played out.

Jake Kaminiski is determined to come out with a sequel to Shadow Wolves in the near future. To keep up with him and his projects, visit


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