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Reflecting poetry by Ashley Pentycofe

Updated on August 3, 2012

I sit here at work and watch the sun set tired and feeling jaded

It’s a sure sign of another day done and gone

The suns tired of fighting the darkness and slowly melting into the sky

With each passing minute the pink turns to purple

The purple slowly turns to dark blue making the sky dark and questionable

But somewhere through the heavy clouds the moon starts to peer through

Frightening off the darkness that’s trying to take over

The moon is the night’s savior

The bright side to the night

Along with the moon comes its army of stars

First the North Star it is the brightest and the strongest

It leads the rest joining the moon’s battle against the jaded darkness

Soon the clouds give in releasing the jaded and saddened darkness to new light

A full moon with its army of stars has won the battle and forced the evil to retreat

The moon and stars are heroes

The bright side of the darkness of life

The moon has grown old and tired

It had seemed to give up hope

The stars still try and they succeed at times but the jadedness is too much for the little stars

Soon one by one they give up too

They hope the sun will come to rescue them before they become part of the jadedness too

But the sun never comes it has abandoned them

The moon floats away abandoning the fight

Without them everything begins to die off

Slowly the Earth becomes tired, giving in to the darkness

It sinks into the quick sand of emptiness

The Earth has seemed to disappear from the atmosphere

All the pain it felt from being abandoned by the light has now gone

It tingles with numbness as your arm tingles when the blood is cut off from it

The blood that keeps it alive, now gone for good

In silence and darkness the Earth died alone, jaded and heart broken

The Earth had grown to love and trust the moon, sun and stars

It depended on their light

Now betrayed it lets go and sinks permanently into the jaded darkness


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    • CaseyGodfrey profile image

      CaseyGodfrey 5 years ago

      This is extremely interesting. I love the flow and the picture you paint of the personified celestial bodies. Beautiful!