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Reflections: Author Interview

Updated on February 17, 2017

The Interview

Friends, we thought you would be interested in getting to know us better. Hope you enjoy the "interview".

#1. Who inspires you to write about self-help?

Gary: Inspiration comes from many sources. I am a retired social worker, mental health counselor, and substance abuse therapist. I have seen much emotional pain and suffering in too many people who deserve to have a better life. Look around and you will also notice that many social, economic, political, and religious obstacles seem to prevent countless millions of human beings from having a healthier, kinder, more fulfilling life-experience.

Susan: I come from a life of tremendous pain and trauma, however, I feel very strongly that pain is pain, and that a criticism can cause as much pain as being physically, emotionally, mentally, or sexually abused. I think I was inspired to work with Gary on this book due to our diverse backgrounds, which brought us to spirituality in different ways. We honor each other's journey... and all who make this journey with us.

#2. Why is it important to address the issue about spirituality?

Gary: Most religions prescribe a set of doctrines, dogma, and organized rituals designed to bring you in contact with the Divine. Whereas, spirituality sets you completely free to explore your own inner journey to God. Our hunch is that since God expresses Infinite Good, Light, and Love, there are probably an infinite number of ways to experience your God-Connection. We have even written a blog article about the differences between spirituality and religion. Here is the link:

Susan: We all seem to be looking for something in our life; something that satisfies a need we have. Gary and I believe that this need will not be found in a new house, or car, or relationship, or even through strict and traditional churches.

Many people find comfort in a more conventional church setting; however, it is important to note that looking within to find your answers does not mean you have to stop believing in your place of worship. It can be in addition to your current beliefs.

Spirituality is important because it takes us back to the source of who we really are... a Child of God, holding within a Divine Spark, which relays to us (through meditation and prayer) what we need to be and how we need to be in this world. We are reflections of God. This is the basis of Spirituality.

#3. Who are you writing this book, "Reflections: A Journey to God? with.

Gary: My wife Susan and I have written it together. Our book explores two unique and personal journeys to spiritual growth. Susan uses poetry (some of which may be painful to read), as well as her talks on forgiveness and healing to describe her spiritual path. Intriguing, touching, and sometimes humorous, she shares several of her deepest insights with the reader. I focus on practical steps to spiritual growth. My ideas stem, not only from my heart, but from my forty years of commitment to social work.

#4. What are the benefits of reading this book?

Gary: Together our book offers personal insights, discoveries, perspectives, and several practical suggestions on reaching your own spirituality. Our journeys are quite different and are told in different manners. Basically they tell our stories of healing and love and joy and peace, and how we are able to combine our ideas and our lives. This book may very well bring you to your own Journey to God, or may help you along the path to your Higher Self.

Susan: Peace! Yes, you will find peace in this book. As we say on the back cover of our book, "You are free to reject anything that doesn't resonate with you". We do not have all the answers (far from it), but we have had, and continue to have, miracles in our lives by practicing our spiritual principles. For the most part we have found peace... a joyful place to live, deep within our own experiences with the Divine.

#5. Why is this book recommended?

Gary: I also share my profound connection to nature (perhaps reminding us of Emerson and Thoreau) which is helping me to uncover my True Self. Our book is a collection of meditative essays. You might want to start with the first essay, "Chetco River". It sets the tone and theme of the book, which is, we can all access a state of heaven consciousness right now, today. One thing is for certain: contemplating our essays will definitely help you release fears, stressful thoughts, and other forms of negative energy, which can hold you back from all that you are meant to be.

Susan: I feel it is interesting to discover how others have found their path to the Divine. (Let me say right here that readers need not be intimidated by our use of the words, Divine, True Self, Divine Spark, or Child of God, the Light. We are simply using language that helps us express our experiences.)

I recommend this book to anyone who's thought of starting a Spiritual Journey, returning to a Spiritual Journey, or is already on the path to their Highest Good. I find by reading spiritual books I am exposed to new ideas which can be very helpful. Ultimately, it is up to me to find, understand, and use my relationship with God, to live the best life I can. The life God wishes me to live.

#5. What is your philosophy in life?

Gary: Feel the Light; accept the Light; enjoy the Light; let your Light shine. All of us have an inalienable, spiritual right to experience a personal relationship with the Divine within us and all around us. When we know and feel the Infinite Presence, that God-Connection, life will hold new meaning. Suddenly our Divine Purpose is revealed. In summary, there are many pathways to Spirit. We are all completely free and unlimited to make our own magnificent discoveries.

Susan: To forgive, to heal, to love, to find freedom from within. I feel forgiveness is one of the strongest, most powerful ways to live our lives. It was a starting point on my own Spiritual Path. I believe that healing brings us to ourselves. Healing is another stepping stone. Then, love, not only for all others which includes animals, nature, and the entire universe, but firstly for myself.

By finding love for myself I find freedom, for within do we find God. God is Love, Light, Perspective, Energy, Healing, Forgiveness, Joy, Abundance. God is everything. Finally, I'd say, God is absolute freedom. Freedom from pain, suffering, lack, low self-esteem, worry, fear... all the negative emotions we drag around with us. We can lay our burdens down, right now, forever!

#6. Can people who believe strongly in their own religion, or who might even be considered agnostic or atheist, benefit from reading your book?

Gary: We have all felt emotional or physical pain in many different forms during life challenges. Our book is all about love, light, beauty, joy, peace of mind, and overcoming any type of human suffering. We believe anybody can find our journeys inspirational regardless of his or her beliefs.


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