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Reflections In The Mirror

Updated on February 21, 2016

Reflections In The Mirror

We stand together at the mirror
My eyes steal away on to you
Your focus falls on to me
As reflections wait to move

Take a look, just a glance
Tell me, what do you see
Who is staring back at you
Not the one you once married

Do you see the heavy sadness
Pooling around tired eyes
The light drowned in darkness
Tongue blackened in white lies

Gone are the laugh lines
Once mirroring an easy smile
Treasured memories once held close
Forgotten and free now for awhile

A heart once whole in love
Broken pieces now all that remain
How many times can a heart break
Before it can't be rebuilt again

Turning back to me, you speak first
"What happened to us? Did you see?"
Tears falling I cry, "I thought it was you,
But I realise now, it was all of me"



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