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Updated on December 26, 2009




Why can't they

make an Anger

Manage Mint,
when life sucks

donkey dicks.

You could simply

unwrap one
and suckle it instead,
It could be a

red hot flavor,
that causes you

to breathe flames,
then you could burn

the zits off of an ex-lover,
get a table double-time
at that ritzy

"Hurry up and wait joint.

It could possibly

be an icey mint blue,
so that the next time
hubby calls you frigid,
you could freeze his nuts off,
or the next time you are squatting
in an overheated

planned parenthood cubicle,
you could air condition
the heated nervous

sweats your next
slice of life is bringing on.

Of course if you

had only eaten
a condom-mint beforehand
you could have been home
enjoying a size six pair
of designer norma jeans.

With the right kind

of anger manage mint
you could put a confid-dent
in that moron's car who always
takes your space just by
blowing on his rent-a-wreck.

Perhaps you simply

need a virtual mint
to get the hangst

of your angst,
a refine-mint of

your lifestyle.

Avoid whatever

stinks in your life
and search out

the fresher side.

This all may be an

when it comes to what
you have had to swallow,
but why wallow in

the excrete-mint
when you can bask

in the content-mint
of a new direction

in your daily strife.

This is not an

but more of an

so count to ten,
then take five,
and call me in

the morning.





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