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Refuge From The Storms of Doubt.

Updated on December 7, 2009

Refuge from the storms of doubt.


There are some ways that

we hide when our world goes awry.


In tiny corners of our minds
we often find solace,
snuggled amidst

memories of better days,
or under flesh masks

that we contstruct,
that aptly express

what we really are not.

Often in the arms of a lover,
we blend kisses and loneliness
till it all becomes sweet bliss.

In poetry we scratch out
the feelings that

we need to bleed,
and others learn to hide within
the spaces between the lines.

Into the arms of God,

we flee and find shelter.
when all else fails,
we cling to his strength
and he shows us new directions
out from the shadows
and into the light

of courage restored.



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