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Blank Faces

Updated on September 16, 2017

Plastic Faces

I see a room full of mouths on faces, and hollow eyes. Flat answers for a surface question.

I'm being glared at by what looks like shiny marbles in an array of bony orbits. Nothing More then plastic smiles and empty mentalities.

I am being left blundered and confused, all around are crooked grins being slapped from one resilient soul to the next obliteration.

I see blank exspresions behind simple conversation and vacant dream destinations.

The room gets smaller the more I try to visualize how it could be. What is happening? All of a sudden the air gets thinner, and harder to breath.

Sitting against a wall, I find myself constricted. I use all my strength to inhale, demanding my lungs to expand. Total asphyxiation and succumb.

I am sweating as start to loose my mental tangibility. Before too long the strength of trying to breath overtakes me. What is happening to me? It feels as if I am suffocating in a trash bag enclosing around my entire cranium.

I close my eyes to rid myself of the pain, but the tension starts to crush my skull, it's making my eyes sting and incinerate. My mind feels as if it explodes into spontaneous combustion

The pain is so overbearing, the tension is tying knots in my brain, before I know it my hands go numb and I find myself left in a corner frozen.

I see a room full of mouths on faces and sunken eyes, no sharp answers for a trivial question.

I am loosing touch with whats real as the deeper inside my mind I explore.

Walking down a path deep in the forest of my head chamber.

I try too hard to scream at what seems to be only figments of my imagination. in return, I get only complete blunder.

I see a warrior built deep inside. If only I could get to her. She is deep within my soul. I don't know where she has gone.

Am I yelling outloud, or is it all a dream? Whatever it is, I start to get dizzy, light headed and delirious.

My mind has gone blank, I can't seem to configure a single thought. All logic has been lost.

The pain is so overwhelming, it feels as if I am combusting from the inside, my mind is losing all concept of thinking.

After some time spend deep within my mind, I start to relax. I held myself tense, just waiting. I had ridden out the heavy tidal wave in my head. Once I regain my balance and clarity I find myself in that same room of ruthless features.

Yet again, everywhere I turn I only see hallow eyes and shallow spaces.

My heart sank into my chest to come to the conlusion that this was not a dream, nor was it a nightmare, but my own reality staring me right in the face. I am left devastated to be surrounded by even more plastic faces.

I Create In Myself a Distance From Reality..

To Save Me From Who I am.
To Save Me From Who I am.

© 2012 Virginia Davis


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