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Relax...It's Not The End of The World...

Updated on January 18, 2012

This hub is my insight into my never ending train of thought. Like the stream of consciousness that James Joyce deployed in his work, I’m going to do the very same for this hub, because I feel that at times my brain won’t shut up. In the space of one day I stemmed an idea for my next play, which resulted in rapid fire thoughts from everything that included a girl I dated to thoughts about the end of the world…I’m exhausted…I really wish my brain would shut down and think like a normal person sometimes…

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock on my phone at 9 o' clock this morning. Because I have a ‘unique sense’ of humour, in which I see strange humour in anything bland, nothing my friends find funny in the least, I thought it would be funny to wake up to ‘It’s The End of the World as we Know it’ by R.E.M. blasting from my phone. Mainly because I like the flirtation of tempting faith, I find the hilarity in it. After hearing the song 3 times the novelty had worn off, I covered the pillows over my head and groaned loudly, my head felt like a sibh. I had to get out of my bed and walk all the way across the room to switch the alarm off, a tactic to get me up and awake in the mornings. One I regret doing every morning. After my routine of scratching myself, yawning profusely, washing myself and feeding myself, I sat down in front of my laptop and decided to write the next great Irish play. After an hour the page was blank so I looked around my room for inspiration. I have what you would call a beatnik room, full of books and posters and records, basically an old living room but with a bed in it instead of a sofa. My rock heroes just smiled down at me from the 4 walls and nothing I read inspired me…so I went for a walk. ‘Fresh air’, I thought, ‘Should do the business’.

Every time I walk my brain turns into a hyperactive kid with A.D.D. I really envy people who walk down the street with just a whistle and a smile whilst a walk past them with the strangest random thoughts frying my head. The thought process started with why I shouldn’t have picked that song as my alarm clock, because it’s a happy song, a song for when the sun is out and you’re up for having a good time, not when it scares the be Jesus out of you from your dreams . From there I thought about the time I went to Cork City to visit a girl I kind of hooked up with in Galway last summer. I knew it wouldn’t work out because of the distance and basically because we’re not that compatible, she’s a cool girl but as mad as a bag of badgers, but I wanted to see her. I had a great time in Cork, I spoke to a man who sold his soul for a pint of Guinness, and he showed me the proof in the bar where it was, a small crumpled note pinned to the wall behind the counter that read ‘My Soul’. This led me to think about souls for a while as I walked into Galway city centre, and energy and the universe. Then I remembered sitting with the Cork girl in a beer garden, all close and into each other, and her telling me about how she believes the world is going to end, something about how the axis of the world will turn a certain way mixed with gravity that will cause all sorts of disasters. I listened to her theories which were quite thoughtful, and left it at that, using it as ammunition when things went pear shaped between us a few months later, bluntly telling her in a message the world wasn’t ending...This then led me to the whole theory of the world ending and how the Mayans, for all their foresight and intelligence, couldn’t have predicted the end of the world because if they were that clever, how come they couldn’t stop the Spanish stealing their gold and making them slaves. Plus their time device was a big rock, you can’t predict the length of time on a rock a certain size, no matter how many carvings were on it, naturally it would run out at some point…

By this time I had reached Eyre Square in the City Centre and I had stopped at a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the traffic lights to change to the green man along with a handful of other people. One of them was quite a tall gentleman, with blond spiky hair and glasses, wearing a smart black suit, with a copy of ‘The Irish Times’ in one hand and an umbrella in the other. He was the kind of man that reminded of old black and white pictures of men in suits waiting for the train in the London underground in the 1950’s. The day today was cloudy and there was little chance of rain, but he looked the part with the umbrella, until a drunk homeless Galway man staggered up to him, looked him in the eye and called him a ‘feckin pessimist!’. The group queing burst into fits of hysterics, except for the business man who looked flabbergasted at the accusation thrown at him. The drunken man did a sort of Charlie Chaplin skip and roared out’ throw that feckin umbrella away it’s a beautiful day!’ before staggering away with a growl and a grimace. As the man crossed the road I howled behind him, holding my stomach, tears flowing down my cheeks. I had to sit in the park for a few minutes to regain my composure.

This calmed my head for a while until I overheard two more elderly homeless gentlemen sitting by the river as I passed them on the bridge. They were sitting on a park bench, drinking cheap imported cans of larger and looking at the swans. While I was in earshot, one of them turned to his friend and asked ‘Frankie…when I die will you come to my funeral?’ to which Frankie replied ‘Ah…I might…’ silence soon fell and they continued looking at the swans. I knew then I had to get back to my laptop, I raced home with thoughts of how swans have soul mates and stay alone when their partners die, and how the end of the world theory has caused people to write into N.A.S.A. for proof because they have no will to live and want to commit suicide. That thought remained with me until I got back to my house, concluding with how pandemonium can result in the loss of lives over some stupid rock that was made over 2,000 years ago. It’s now almost 3 in the morning Irish time, and I haven’t started my play, after coming up with the initial idea I don’t know how to start it, the whole evening came to zilch, apart from this hub, so it’s time to start fresh on it tomorrow. I’m very tired now…I think it’s time to sleep…I better set my alarm…


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