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Remembering My Memories

Updated on January 22, 2013


Sitting here alone in this room with all these shadows
Through the frost on the windows I see I sit I wonder
I can see so much beauty although my glass is not clear
My angels are watching me, I can feel them, they are near.

I am captured in this moment of so much light and so much darkness
I never really thought about it-sometimes I couldn't care less

But I see I sit here I wonder why is it so hard to be free
The snow has covered the branches on every single tree
So brightly beautiful-but they are covered-they can not see

I watch the little birds jaded looking for a spot to land
and I wish I could help them, maybe offer my hand

I am sitting here now wondering -Why does life so quickly pass?
I feel the chill come over me-as I think about the past

The way I was brought up-maybe not the same as you
But I am human,so I naturally care -there is no reason- I just do

My childhood never stood so still until this very moment
I wish I could go back- to relive it and to own it

Those years I was so young, when I never really thought
about the things I overheard- the beliefs I was taught

I am older now- I want to believe - I want to be sane
I want more out of life than just to pass on the blame

Anger and hatred-I heard in your voice-as you told me "you have to"
I was young-I thought- I had no choice

I listened and learned from all that you said
and now that I'm wiser - Its all stuck in my head

I ask myself- I question everything I do-and I wonder
Should I live my life for me? Or is it better to live it for you?

Sitting her remembering, focusing, holding on the past
memories of my childhood-and the things in my life that did not last

You told me I could talk to you-but,you never had the time
the one thing I really needed- you could never find

I listened when you told me-that everyone should be treated fair
I have seen the way you treat others- I just don't think you care

You taught me how to write and read-Its the best thing that I know
because with my pen and my paper I can let my feelings show

I believe we are all human-no matter whats on the outside
we all want things in life-we all just want to survive

People are people-even if they are not just like me
I don't know every story-but it's OK-Its fine by me

I won't judge someones mistakes-I have made some too
It's really not my place-to label or to hate you

Torment and torture do you express these unkind things
how do you live with yourself-putting down another human being?

I see I sit I wonder what is in the future for all of us?
Why is everyone going crazy? Really, whats all the fuss?

I look out the window-through the frosted glass
I know things will some day change-forever is only as long as it lasts.

VLH 01/29/11


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  • More Than Words profile image

    Pamela Bogwald 7 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ

    I would think that many phrases in this poem hit home for all of us. It certainly unveils thoughts from my past. We may think our children do not hear us as they skip along outside our windows. As we watch, we find ourselves wiping it to see them, so unclear, but they are listening under the shadows. I know because many older, wiser people through my life have told me so and through my belief in their wisdom and my journey forward and backwards in my mind they are right. The children will return to see and understand us through our window, so clear, just not when we want them to. In later life through their minds, their writing, their experiences they will journey home because of continual feelings of the same pull we face, the wisdom of our lives. Their findings, another piece in their life's puzzle. Thanks for the journey.

  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    Very moving piece of poetry. Well done.